Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Buddy Can You Spare A Dime?

Apparently America is skint. They are struggling to pay their debts.

I have just realised why I am delighted at this turn of events.

We're ALL bloody skint you political morons.

We've been skint for bloody ages!

Take Britain.....somebody pleeeease take Britain....I'm not sure we want it anymore...

Well....we do really...it's supposed to be OUR country...but there are lots of things that are supposed to be eh?

I can just hear Barnsley Sime saying "Chill Dinners" already...stop ranting....I CAN'T!!!

I couldn't give a tuppeny fuck if America is skint.

I could give a tuppeny fuck that Britains elderly and Britains kids and Britains people are NOT getting what they deserve.

Well...not unless they are bloody Somalian muslims they aren't.

50 odd billion pounds to India who have their own Space Programme?????

Come oooooooon!!!!....We've just thrashed them at cricket.....tell them to fuck off and fund their own shit.

Rocket Science?.....Clearly it is to our politicians.

You want a rant?....well...no...probably not but when did that ever stop me eh?...;-)

Parts of East london are now apparently under Shariah Law.....I kid you not....

Posters are sprouting up on bus stops and everywhere advising East Londoners that they now live under Shariah Law.

It's not a joke.


Fuck America being skint....their problem....


Do You?

Gold Card carrying member of the BNP.....and bloody PROUD TO BE RIGHT NOW.

You don't approve?....fair enough....give me an alternative then. I'll listen. I always do.


We're going to hell in a handbasket but I won't lie down.

This is my daughters country....free and democratic (well...free and slightly corrupt actually) but it's all we've got and we have to defend it.

I will.

Will you?

Have any of you any idea of quite how serious this shit is getting?

Be careful out there...and don't you dare smoke or drink alcohol if you live under Shariah law!!!!

ps....Caz pointed out something very very spooky.....


9th September and 7th July.

That shit in Norway?


July 2011.

Lots of 7's and 11's eh?

"What about the 9's?" I asked with a smug expression...

"Try adding 7 and two one's" she replied.

I think I'd better go to bed now and dream of something nice...........


  1. The only reason our government is skint is because the Uber-Wealthy have purchased the Congress who are now afraid to make any of said wealthy pay any taxes at all for fear of losing their cushy jobs in Congress.

    As for that Sharia shit? First off, find out if it is true - and if it is legal. I doubt both, however I am frequently wrong so check it out. Find out if it is a joke, a scam, someone having you on in order to rile you up - or whether somehow, someone has pushed something through into law. If it isn't law, then grab a 6-pack of Budweiser and a pack of Lucky Strikes and dance the night away in front of said signage. AFTER you write to your representatives in Parliment and demand that it be repealed immediately.

    Or just keep bitching on your blog, but that won't make it better, Luv.

  2. I'll get back to you when I haven't had nine beers.

  3. Well, if you want to get technical America is not really broke, we just sold our country and the better part of our souls to China. The business people did it for the Holy God of Profit and the middle class did it for all the cheap junk made over there that we can "afford" to buy with our nifty credit cards.

    I'm actually developing quite high hopes that when the Chinese take over that things like education and infrastructure will start to improve.

    Read a few items about the Muslim issue over on your end, yeah you've got some huge problems. I wish you all the best because any solution is going to get messy.

    I am again looking into immigrating, New Zealand seems nice.

  4. To use your vernacular "Oh bloody hell" take a chill pill. We've seen stickers and posters like that for years in the U.S. by radical groups. And seeing as how they have defaced public property I'm sure the local police wouldn't mind if you went on an area wide clean up removing such signs.

    And forget the numbers thingy if they were that good at it they'd have won the lottery by now.

  5. You want your country back? Look, son, you stupid fuck, you don't even have a gun. How in the hell do you expect to take your country back? By voting? Hahahahaha

    At least here in America we have a chance of a nice revolution because we have so many guns here. We'll have to kill our government to get it back but that is the price we'll have to pay.

    Not me of course, it's the youth that will have to fix the mess here. I'm just going to sit on the porch and drink beer and be a cheerleader. :-)

  6. Don't for God's sake stop ranting. It's far more informative AND more entertaining than any of the newspapers.

  7. I hear you brother! Great posting here, really got my funny bone going :) ... those are gal's I take it in them black sheet's ... look's like some BD/SM fetish sort of outfit if I didnt know it was religious, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. I liked on the poster the "no- high heels" thing, it looked funny! America's only problem is it's politician's, many should be dragged into the street's, stripped and beaten/ clubbed to death like Mussolini, and religion's too, I dont have any time for muslim's or christian's, or the war's in the middle east over religion's, I wouldnt spend a dime on them, fight and kill ya'll's self to ya'll's heart's content, I dont give a shit one way bor the other. As far as immigration policies ... here in the USA they highlight and bitch about mexican's/ central american's, but our biggest problem here is what you NEVER hear about in the media's, which are the 1 to 2 million corporate sponsored and gvmnt sponsored immigrant's per year that are brought here to take the job's that require college degree's, after they rape our children on college loan cost's and debt's, both our countries are more full of shit brother than a chicken barn! I look forward to riot's in this country with open arm's. I have also posted about the way they have hammered Brit college student's on cut's and so forth in your country ... both our government's have wronged us 4D, and should be eliminated ... and when countries like our's have such rising unemployment ... immigration should be "freezed" ... at least I feel that way here. Cheers Guy ....

  8. I agree 110% with BBC also, I look at our young hopefully to raise Hell here and just start doing what need's to be done here in America too, a revolution for sure, and he's right, we have the gun's and plenty of them. I been an NRA supporter for over 3 decade's myself, and alwayz very pro- gun. And he's so right, because neither of us are going to get ANY result's just picketing in the street's and complaining, we must draw blood and make a statement for efficiency.

  9. 100 years of Hovis Britain, see

    BTW: Tell Caz we have a tick about the 9th november here in Germany...

  10. because neither of us are going to get ANY result's just picketing in the street's and complaining,

    I did that for two years, it got me nowhere.

  11. Well, it did get results, christians giving me the finger and cussing at me for protesting their fucking wars.

  12. Today they downgraded my country's credit rating, so we're on our way to being completely screwed, but that's what you get when the idiots vote in a guy who tried to stabilize the Middle East. No one can stabilize the Middle East, no one can win a war with Afghanistan, and no one can maintain an empire. The war machine and its tremendous cost is breaking my country, but they won't cut military spending. They give millionaires and billionaires tax write offs for their private jets, but they want to cut benefits to the elderly and the poor. Lately I've been thinking of looking for an exit country, because I don't want my girls to grow up in a second-world shithole.

  13. Lately I've been thinking of looking for an exit country, because I don't want my girls to grow up in a second-world shithole.

    I have no idea where said country is, the whole world is becoming a shithole. The rich and powerful are slowly getting control of it.

    If there is any lessons in the past it is to start killing them to bring things back in balance.

  14. Exit country? There is an organisation called Exit.Ooops! Is that a picture of BBC on the front page? I want an exit too. I want to go and live on Mars. Well I used to want to until they discovered what it was really like. I suspect the polytissues think there is always dissent and what is going on will pass. I think different! I think the world order is collapsing. And it is the only thing which makes me happy about our political system. It's collapsing!

  15. That exit site is interesting, I've never been above removing myself from this rock, I'm an omnipresent spirit, this is just one part of me.

    I'm damn sure not leaving here like I arrived here, helpless and shitting in a diaper.