Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Guest Post : A Tribute To Scampi From Maximus Spittimus

Man Two Legs came downstairs this morning. Scampi had been a bit wobblymuss lately. I think we all knew he was nearing the end.

Still, 22 years is a good age for a cat! He had been sleeping on an armchair for two weeks and Scampi never slept in any chair.....he slept outside in all weathers and only came in when he was sickimuss - and even then the Two Legs had to wear thick gloves to take him to the Vets!!!!

The Two Legs put a blanky in the kitchen near the cat flap so he could run out when he wanted. Scampi slept on his blankymuss. He stopped running out of the cat flap.

He was lying on his blanky in the kitchen. When man Two Legs walked in to put the kettle on - what is kettle? - Scampi meowed.

Man Two Legs picked him up - that was when I knew. NOBODY. NOBODY ever picked up Scampi.

Man Two Legs carried him to water bowlimuss and tried to get him to drink. He meowed again and Man Two Legs put him back on his blanky.

His will was still there but his old body was letting him down.

Man Two Legs called Lady Two Legs and Little Two Legs and they stroked him and kissed him and he went. Just like that.

Seconds before he went he did something oddimuss.

When his sister, Tiddler, was here he used to put his right paw on her head.

He raised his right paw and held it in mid-air for a while......then he went.

My Scampi has gone.

I am bereft....I am inconsolableimuss....I am hungry....

Feed me!

I is MAXIMUS SPITTIMUS and I has lost my Scampi....now FEED ME!!!!
Bye old friend...sleep tight...Fourdinners, Caz and Jax  xxxxxx


  1. Good night Scampi....... sleep well

    ........ wishes from Kat Maul, Spook and Ratchet

  2. Godspeed Scampi and good hunting! I hope he catches plenty of mice in cat heaven.

  3. I'm sure y'all gave him a good life :-)

  4. Missy Cat sends a 'meow' final salute.

  5. Hello 4Ds. Sorry to hear Scampi's gone. Still, 22 is a good age for a cat. Odd thing his raising his right paw in a familiar gesture just before he died. I suppose he was remembering Tiddler in his last moments. Perhaps he thought she was there to welcome him. Soppy thought :- perhaps she was.

  6. P.s. Sorry for lack of comments of late. Machinery still playing up. Took me four goes to get through this time!!!!!

  7. Very sorry to hear this. You gave him a good life and all he could want. What animal could ask more, other than to live to a ripe, 22 years old in a family that cares.

  8. That is so sad but how lucky Scampi was to have you to look after him. Keep well, Sam.

  9. great tribute max...

    the bit about the paw in the air really got me... do you really think?.... nah surely not...