Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London's Burning.....

...So's Nottingham and Liverpool and Bristol and a few other places come to that.

Last night's 'riot's' came as close as Ealing. Ealing???? Nice, quiet, leafy Ealing??? About 20 minutes up the road from me.

WTF is going on???? Some black kid gets shot by the police - he did have a gun incidentally which tends to put you at risk of being shot by the police....or is that just to simple for these kids to comprehend before the bullet goes through their stupid brains? - and riots kick off everywhere?

Bollocks! Plastic bullets and water cannon. A few dumb kids die? Tough. Law abiding citizens are having their lives disrupted - and in some cases their lives turned upside down by their homes being burned down and their cars torched.

Hit a few of these kids with plastic bullets....a few die and they'll soon back off.

Meet fire with fire.

All the shops closed by mid-afternoon today in Hayes. Sainsbury's and Tesco's, the two largest supermarkets closed their doors.

I can understand small businesses 'locking down' to protect themselves but large nationwide companies?

The big companies clearly have no balls. They are being held to ransom by young thugs, accurately described by one lady on the news as 'feral rats'.

Broadcaster and author Darcus Howe tried to make the riot's racial - and it is clear that the majority are indeed black, but certainly not all. White and Asian youths are happily taking part too.

Someone is manipulating them. Someone is organising them.

Whether a group or a few individuals, someone with intelligence - warped perhaps but intelligence none the less - is 'arranging' these anarchistic occurences.

Hayes Town (Downtown Mogadishu) is closed for business since around 3pm today. Uxbridge likewise.


Because London is deploying 16,000 police officers tonight - very very few of whom will be remotely near Hayes or Uxbridge.

The 'rioters' are clearly violent morons in general. Sub-normal uneducated idiots. But whoever - or whatever - is 'running the show' is/are clearly well organised.

The 'outer boroughs' of London can see it coming.

Nobody knows whether it will happen again at all, where it will happen or when it will happen.

Haven't a scooby myself.

I've got my bayonets at the ready.

You allow the colonisation of your country by alien cultures and masses of similar cultures, closely followed by high unemployment amongst poorly educated and ill disciplined youth who haven't the intelligence to escape the poverty and the lack of a future......

I wonder what you get?


Nice one politicians. Nice one.

Later's and let's be even more careful out there eh?


  1. Sainsburys and Tesco close their doors by mid afternoon? Why don't the shop managers arm all their able bodied male staff with base ball bats and post them near the doors. If the Police really cannot protect us we must surely protect ourselves ?????

  2. The problem I have is given my experience over the last 7 years I can't muster any sympathy for the 'institutions' being attacked. I think it is a sad affair when folk think they can go about their business under the current rules and do nothing to prevent the unfairness in society because they are perfectly comfortable themselves. Martin Niemöller's famous quote (at the bottom of Get a Job!) comes to mind. I have the same sentiment as you about the feral beasts but like you I also know it is a consequence of the appalling selfish greedy and corrupt policies in this country. And I do blame the politicians because they are privileged and paid a lot of money to be responsible and they FAIL. But there is hope. Maybe lots of foreigners will decide to leave.

  3. Scary crazy business. Stay safe.

  4. Gotz to protect yourself Guy ... this politically correct shit I've never followed anywayz ... it's for stupidity and ass kissing, and politician's as well as the corporate interest's who dictate them, none have to live in the area's/ neighborhood's and reality that most of us do, when we defend ourselves ... they whine and their spineless mindless follower's whine, and pussies get defeated, bottom line. Organizing ... I would guess it's all done via hand held communication's/ cell's, etc ... and Yes ... I love the Clash! :)

  5. Stay safe Dinners, my wife and I are still planning a vacation on your side of the pond. If we ever do make it over there I'll buy you a pint.

  6. Happy Birthday (((CAZ)))

    As for London burning, good luck with that, be careful out there.

  7. Ok, hon - stay safe,keep your head down.
    The radio played "Street Fighting Man" by the Stones today. The lyrics were eerie.

    This is, however, the problem you get with advocating violent behavior to assure your desires. I am fair certain I've seen your moniker underneath some posts that pretty much advocated a riotous uprising against multiculturalism & etc. I'm not saying that your desire for a more "British" Britain, or a more "English" England aren't valid, but the problem with riots is that folks lose sight of the original intent and just kind of turn it into a cash-free after-hours shopping spree.

  8. Riot back, put your face in their neighborhoods.

  9. Dare I point out that these rioters don't even have guns? Yet they are very effective. Just think how effective you would be if you did.

  10. Wars.

    Sad fact of life on this rock.

  11. I think you put your finger on the problem there Dinners. Lack of education and no future invites trouble.
    Over here though we riot for stupid reasons like winning a sports championship. How dumb is that?

  12. That's one of the reasons I don't go to sporting events, I don't want to be caught up in the middle of those monkeys.