Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Folly Of Europe

Back in the day people used to build 'follies'...buildings that served no real purpose other than because the builder wanted to build them. Some follies are quite remarkable.

The Liberal Elite of Europe wanted to build a 'United States of Europe' - much as Britains Liberal Elite envisaged a multi-cultural/racial nirvana.

Suffice to say they didn't take into account human nature or democracy.

The people were clearly too ignorant to decide so it was decided for them.

Watch yer back Liberal Elite......we've got knives yer know...and we're sharpening them.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Sainsbury's. A place I may be barred from.

I am in a queue. The queue stretches beyond the first aisle so, like every other shopper, I am hanging slightly back leaving a two foot gap for other shoppers to get by as I queue with our trolley.

A 'full face job' walks up, looks directly at me and steps in front of my trolley in the queue.

"Excuse me" I say.....she ignores me.

"EXCUSE ME" I say a little louder....she ignores me.

"Bloody ignorant" says the female half of the couple behind me in the queue.

"Too true" says the young Asian male of the couple behind them.

I walk around my trolley - the wifey says 'Don't Dinners' a little too late....not that earlier would have made the slightest difference.

I tap the walking guinness bottle on the shoulder and she turns to me with a look of complete and utter disdain.....well...her eyes do anyroad.....

"There is a queue" I explain, "and you can't just push in. The back of the queue is that way"

She looks me up and down and then turns away and remains in place.


Her eyes look startled.....she clearly understands English. She flounces off in the direction of a security guard and I resume my place behind my trolley.

A clearly muslim pair of ladies at the next check out catch my eye, smile and appear to nod appreciatively

The two couples behind nod appreciatively. The Asian male actually silently applauds.

Several other shoppers of various races smile.

Two seperate guinness bottles without the hoodies glare at me.

This leads me to believe that there are distinct groups of muzzies.

Sensible ones a la the two who smiled and pig ignorant ones who are generally walking guinness bottles.

I neither know nor care.

Live in MY country by all means but, if you do, YOU WILL respect OUR ways or WE WILL treat you like crap.

You invariably get what you deserve.

The security guard, who appeared to be of Somalian know..the slightly largish coconut shaped heads.....came over with a spotty faced teenager who claimed to be a manager.

"We have had a complaint" said spotty

"So?" I responded

He appeared nonplussed.

"About you sir" he continued with an incredibly pompous tone to his voice.

"Oh piss off you little prick...there are about 10 witnesses that I merely put the bitch in her place. You've a problem then sod off and call plod mate"

"That's right" said the shoppeers behind us....and, to my delight, one of the scarved muslim ladies took the trouble to come back through the cash tills and support me verbally.

Spotty and coconut head withdrew with looks of bewilderment.

"I've always wanted to do that" said the white lady shopper immediately behind us.

Perhaps you should love.

I think they need reminding who runs the show in this country....and it sure as hell ain't them!

Laters and let's be careful out there......

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Catching Up

Right. Been absent for a while due to the reasons stated below in't earlier post.

What's been happening then?

A ridiculous number of muzzies are now residing in my adopted home town...Mogadishu has nowt on us....

My driving students are passing at alarmingly regular intervals....

I've kicked the voddy habit....for a while

My doctor continues to express surprise I am still alive....

The wifey keeps increasing my life insurance just in case....

The daughter keeps saying "I love you daddy" immediately followed by "Can I have £50?"

The Germans seem hell bent on trying again as we seem to be a tad short of submarines and ships and soldiers and tanks and such like....sound familiar?

The Government keep insisting we are in a democracy whilst denying us any say on Europe, Immigration and pretty much anything else that they think they know better about....

I have rediscovered my love of Budweiser in the absense of voddy.....

I'm broadcasting every week on SFR and bloody loving it!

My driving school have recieved numourous complaints about me...not from students, who appear to love me without exception thereby underlying the error of examiners in passing them and letting them loose on our roads.....but from Harry Potter Death Eaters who are wandering the streets of Hayes Town....

...when my window is down I cannot resist shouting 'peek-a-boo!!' and several have rang the driving school to claim I am Islamophobic.

The driving school sportingly reply "No he isn't...he's from Oldham" Merkel's jack booters close in on dear old England I can only say....

"Who won last time Merkel?"

...and don't think we won't this time either you fascist bitch.

laters n let's be careful out there...

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Well Hello There!...And how the devil are you?

No I'm not dead...yet.

Yes, I haven't blogged in ages.

You see I thought my old 'tower' was knackered and went and bought another. Unfirtunately I had saved my passwords to the old 'tower' - not to mention various e-mail addresses - so after plugging in my new 'tower' I couldn't remember half of them. Blogger, Facebook.

Eventually I plugged the old - and perfectly fine 'tower' - back in so now I can blog (and I've made a note of the e-mail i use to get on Blogger. Where the hell did I get THAT e-mail address from?....;-)

Anyroad. Lots to catch up on but, for now, it's good to be back - and indeed alive! One of my readers was convinced I'd shuffled off. Not yet Eugene! Not yet!!!

Lots to talk about, not least my smashing new t-shirt courtesy of my pal Stu.

Right. Off to sort Sunday's show.

The Drunk Punk Bowwowwow Special on SFR

Tune in if you get chance....6pm this

If you read this Monday onwards then tune in the following Sunday for A BOMBSKARE SPECIAL - a 10 piece Scottish Ska Band and they're HOT!!!

Talk soon

Be careful out there!!!

4D x