Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tick Tock

Everyone's clock is ticking. After a blood test the other week my Doc has advised me that mine is ticking pretty quickly.

High cholestrol so back on the Statins. My liver is, apparently, distrssed. Uh? I don't recall upsetting it lately. I must speak to that vodka and tell it to stop insulting my liver.

My Doc has regularly been expressing surprise that I have lived to attend my appointments when I arrive but he's never actually said "Quit smoking, vodka and junk food or you'll do well to go another 5 years....make it 3....or 2....probably not even that"

'The Drunk Punk Show' is back on Scooter Forums Radio from Sunday September 4th (broadcasting live from 6pm UK time) - at this rate it'll have to be renamed 'The Formally Drunk now tea total all bran diet nicotine patches born again health freak Punk Show'.....not really got the same ring to it has it? my rightful immortality has come under scrutiny from the Doc I suppose I'd better decide whether to run up enormous debts on the credit card and have some real fun or tone down my life style....a lot apparently.

"What about sex Doc?"
"Much more of the way you live and it'll give you a heart attack!"

Well there are worse ways to go eh?

Tone it down Dinners?......Oh dear....

You live, you die, the bit in between is called LIFE....ENJOY!.....Where does this fit in then?

Now if I cut down to 20 a day and only 1/2 a litre....well...3/4 of a litre.....and only four rashers of bacon and a maybe four sausages and only 3 or 4 eggs and stuff for breakfast......and maybe just 6 pints instead of funny tingle down my left arm?

Maybe tune in Sunday 4/9 at SFR eh?....Just to see if I've made it that far!...;-)

Laters and HEY!....Let's be careful out there.....


  1. Best do what your Doctor says, Forde-Innes. Not sure about those statins, though. I came off them, and have been feeling better ever since.
    Still, take it easy - we want your blog around for a while yet - you too, of course.
    Wish you well - Mike.

  2. take care of u! Dammy but Geldorf looks young there!Musta been his girls that aged him so...

  3. But see newest medical research :-)


  4. You could rename the show.... "Will he still be here this week?" Sounds a bit Radio4 that though!

    Seriously mate - listen to the doc, you ought to give many more years to this planet...