Friday, 29 July 2011

Blue Face and The Employment Agency

Have you seen 'Avatar'...alternatively....are you alive?

Carol's best pal, Janet, leader and head honcho of Hillingson Cats Protection had some growth thingy on her face. 'It's not cancer' said the Doc, 'it's a thing that mimics cancer'.

Mimics?....I thought ventriloquists did the mimicking.....'You have cancer of the ventriloquist and will die shortly'

Anyroad, the doctors removed it and gave her blue stitches. The left side of her face is blue. As I quite fancied that 'Avatar' 8 feet tall with a tail babe I have chosen to remain silent on the matter.....

In the meantime, one of my driving students is a Chef.

He is young and talented in the Chef business.

I know he is young mainly because I am not, I know he's talented because he makes me things to eat and they taste good - or occasionally GREAT!

Precisely what I am eating is often a mystery but, as it tastes good, I am happy.

One day he burst into tears in the middle of a lesson.

It turned out he was being bullied at work by the Head Chef and pretty much everyone else that worked there.

After suffering health difficulties early in life to do with the heart - well sorted now - he ended up being very quiet and quite insular - he hasn't got a multitude of pals.

I like this lad very much. He could never be my daughters boyfriend because he is too young (and besides I like Max enormously anyway) however, if he was older and was my daughters boyfriend I would be well chuffed.


He is kind and gentle.

I arranged an interview at my local pub - as I'm teaching the landlady to drive. Her 'partner' is the Chef - with a very good background too - he 'Cheffed' at a couple of major London Hotels before managing the kitchen at Number 10 Downing Street (disappointingly failing to poison the Prime Minister)

He will be starting in a couple of weeks.

Driving Instructor, Social Worker (several of my students) and now....Employment Agency.

All in one car.

I'm bloody good I am.

Good luck well deserve a break young man.

Laters and let's be careful out there eh?

ps...'Torchwood' is fucking awesome!!!!.....more soon


  1. Who knew you were a Dinners of so many talents?

  2. Well, good on you for getting him a change of scenery and hopefully a much better situation.

    I am confused, tho - is he going to work for a hotel, or at #10?

  3. Mr A. : None greater than my capacity for vodka though!!! I have a reputation to maintain!!!

    Mousey : He will be running the kitchen at The 5 Bells in Harmondsworth....a village pub with a very good rep for food which he will have to maintain to keep the post...still...I got him there so it's down to him now...good luck Craig!!

  4. Well I found you. Some other way I tried and it said to go away cause I didn't bring a gift. Good to hear from you and it seems your doing great work and deeds.

  5. Tim : Que?....Work??? Deeds???...Who the fuck is paying????...;-)

  6. ...Number 10 Downing Street (disappointingly failing to poison the Prime Minister)

    Careful, the paranoid national security types might get upset. People who have jokingly said similar things here in the States have gotten visits but strange men dressed in black suits with little earphones stuck in one ear.

    Somehow I will find some little corner of the world get the fuck away from this insanity.

  7. A couple of things. Head chefs are known for their arrogance so don't take it personally. The other thing is that Brits aren't known world wide for their cuisine. Ya never here somebody yell out "Hey let's go out for British!" Now do you? :-)

  8. Have you seen 'Avatar'..

    Not that I recall, and I really don't give a fuck.

    Forget chefs and what you like to eat, you and your buddy need to lose some pounds, or stones, as the case may be over there, so I have the perfect diet for you two.

    Diet: Eat all you want of the foods you don't like.

  9. Good Morning 4D ... No, I havent seen Avatar, or even heard of Torchwood. So you have a driving student that cooked for the kitchen at 10 Downing who break's into tear's cause folk's dont like him? ... Well ... that's unique I reckon, maybe something more to it than just a few folk's that dont like him though. You have an Employment Agency business now too? Well, best of luck ... you must really stay busy Guy.

  10. I dont know if other's have to do this, but on your blog comment's I have to sign in at least 3 to 5 time's to get my comment posted, this morning it was 5 sign in's, there are a few other's blog's with the same type comment's deal that I have to as well.

  11. Aren't bullies the pits?
    I've dithered about Torchwood because I do like thingy who plays Jack but I'm not mad on Sci fi.
    Please God I don't have to sign in five times.

  12. I don't recall if you smoke, but if you do, between the smoking and drinking your taste bubs in a few more years will be shot so you won't get much of a rush from good tasting foods anyway.

    This may be a good thing, you can die from smoking and drinking instead of obesity. This much I know to be true, you are going to die, just pick your poison. :-)

  13. I will see what happens on next weeks wage slip. If I'm still on BR code then a pretty stern phone call will be made to the agency.