Friday, 12 August 2011

I Predict A Riot

There were 'chancers' out for a laugh or a free Plasma screen TV. There were people who wouldn't ordinarily get involved in this sort of thing but it seemed like fun. Apparently.

A millionaires daughter, a teacher, a Life Guard. People who you'd think wouldn't be there were there and did join in.

They were the minority within the minority though. They weren't the problem.

The 'problem' was, and is, the majority of the minority that created mayhem and anarchy.

Now I do believe a certain amount of anarchy is good for everyones soul personally, but burning down your local community shops doesn't seem particularly high on the intelligence scale.

As one mother stated regarding her young sons involvement - "If yer treat 'em like scum then they'll act like scum"

er....sorry?....You're justifying your young son smashing up his local community shops and causing grief and distress to innocents?....AH! I see.....You were allowed to breed....Quite...

Now most of us have read 'Oliver Twist' haven't we? There's been a 'criminal underclass' in England since before politics came into being - or at least before politicians came into being.

Unfortunately we've had around 13 years of (supposedly) Socialist/Liberal government primarily under that awful creature Tony Bliar.

The Labour party went to war on 'families' and 'English' ways and, frankly, won.

The result has been single mothers that are, on a good day, three brain cells short of plant life and pretty much 'feral' children who've never had a 'clip around the ear hole' because it isn't politically correct and their mothers would never hurt their little preciouses just because they kicked Mr Singh's kid in the head for being a Paki - the fact Mr Singh's kid is actually English of Indian decent would be entirely lost on both mother and precious child.

I have no idea what so ever what the solution is - clearly extermination camps are a no-no. Preventing breeding is equally not a place to go unless Joseph Mengele has been re-incarnated into our Home Secretary...somewhat unlikely methinks...

Interestingly - well I think it is anyroad - virtually all 'rioters' were black or white depending on the areas of the 'riots'.

Very very very few were Asian.

What does that tell us?

Asian culture and communities are heavily into 'family' and the elders guiding the young to keep them on the 'straight and narrow'.

That's why there were so few Asian 'looters'.

That's why Bliar and our 'liberal elite' can never be forgiven.

We are reaping what they sowed under nearly 13 years of Labour government.

If Labour is ever elected to power again in my lifetime....or my daughters lifetime come to that, we deserve all we get.

Be careful out there eh?


  1. Anarchy is interesting, okay, it's mayhem, random events produce random results, and random consequences.

    Lets face it, the whole world is going to hell because of over population and greed.

    I intend on enjoying our last days sitting on my porch drinking beer and taking pot shots at the passing monkeys just to keep everyone alert.

    An old man needs some entertainment.

  2. You wrote "Now most of us have read 'Oliver Twist' haven't we?"

    I doubt very much whether any of the feral/criminal underclass have read any Dickens: Probably lose interest after his first syllable ;-)

    I'd take even bets that they don't read books at all, preferring to watch the DVD - innit- on the large screen LCDs they just stole :-(

    Ever asked yourself why Twitters and SMS are limited to 140 characters? No technical reason, it's just the limit of the ferals' attention span.... :-(

    P.S. Antispammer test = molated ;-)

  3. As a Daily Mail reader wrote...oh dear...Daily Mail??...Fascists!!!...;-)

    'it is interesting to note that the rioters seemed to avoid looting any book shops'


  4. I'd invade the UK and put it back in order but I'm saving my ammo for what I see coming to my country.