Sunday, 28 August 2011

Jax In Madagascar

I nearly forgot!...I said I'd post a few pics of my baby's adventure in here's a few...

Taken on the plane showing their location en route.........
Transport to Base Camp 1
On The Way to Base Camp 2
Watch out for Crocs!!!
Jax specialised in the ornithological side of the operation...
But a snake or two never hurt anyone eh?
Kermit in Madagascar
Jax never did find me a singing, dancing Lemur...
Wonder what Ascot would make of this hatwear?
Felt a whole lot better that Max was there to lok after her...

Apparently, the report they have written concerning the balancing of farming against the needs of the natural enviroment is being passed to both the Madagascan Govt and The United Nations. The operation was co-ordinated by some Professor from Oxford University whose name will be on top of the report...just above Jacqui and I a proud dad?......Course not...;-)
Thanks for bringing her home safe Max.....

There's literally hundreds of incredible pics on Jax's Facebook page....but if you aren't her friend you can't see ' there...;-)

I'll pinch a few more for another post....


  1. Glad she's safe home. But what an incredible thing to have done. You must be very proud parents.
    Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

    worried about the one where Max is three sheets to the wind, but NOW i know why you've taken such a shine to him.
    tell Jax her uncle sime loves her and is so proud.

    ooh! spooky! word veri= "uncled"

  3. It was all hype and no biggy for our great east coast blow job. I've seen more damage after a football match.

    Tell Jax to watch the bird populations. When they start dying you know we're next. The canary in the mine and all that.

  4. Looks fantastic... no chance of my daughter doing that - not if there are frogs involved, she has the most bizarre phobia about them! Still my son is hoping to go to Svalbard to work on a project up there... in the winter, when it is dark all the time and -30!!! Flipping mental, and polar bears up there kill people and outnumber the locals something like 5 to 1!!! Mental!

  5. What a wonderful experience for her. Isn't it a relief when they have a decent boy friend? She's lovely as ever.

  6. Could you ask your daughter what the bird is? It looks like some form of kingfisher. Thanks, Mike.

  7. Sound's like one Hell of an adventure, and sure they needed to bring some insect repellent ... BTW ... Howdy 4D and Cheers!

  8. Max doesn't look all that capable, I think she would have to save his ass in a tight spot. But all in all I'm sure the trip was well planned and there was no danger in the first place.

    To find that walk a London street in the middle of the night.

  9. Move on now, there's nothing new to see here.

  10. Trust all's well with you and yours, Forde-Innes. We've not heard from you in a while.

  11. Had Dinners joined Dax in Magadas... Madigus... that foreign place?

  12. Where are you? I'm getting worried. Are you alright?

  13. I'm cool...just changed my pc tower and all my apsswords are on the old tower and I can't remember any so until i get around to plugging the old tower back in I can't blog....technologically inept...that's me


  14. Ah, there he is, passwords are a pain in the ass, write them down and hide them somewhere, like in an empty vodka bottle.

  15. It's nice to know you are there somewhere. Keep well and I look forward to when you locate that empty bottle with the password in it.