Monday, 8 August 2011

Now That Was A Week and it's only Monday!!

Saturday...which I agree is, technically, the previous week, was a blast. Jacqui came home from 6 weeks in Madagascar. A field trip related to her Geography degree.

Several days within the 6 weeks completely cut off from civilisation studying the wlidlife - which sadly, didn't include singing dancing Lemurs despite what the movie suggested. Damn. I wanted one.

She has some incredible pics which will, no doubt, filter down to me at some point and I will proudly display.

For now....the most important pic in my eyes....Jax hugging a weeping Caz as she appeared through 'Arrivals' at Heathrow Airport...Jax expression says it all!..."Oh for Gods sake mother!!!"....;-)

I readily admit....that was the hardest 6 weeks of my life...but also the proudest in a way....Jax worked with an Oxford Professor and her work will appear before The United Nations at some point regarding the natural environment of Madagascar against the needs of farming and such like.

Apparently...her work may even be published at some point...I'll let you know if and when....

My baby's back safe and well. Nuff said.

In the meantime a bus damaged my car during a driving lesson. The bus duly carried on with the driver seemingly oblivious.

"Follow that bus" I cried to my driving student - who was still slightly alarmed at a bus 'brushing' against the car - buses being inordinantly big.

The damage is minor....a bit of paint work...but, as the car is leased I'm buggered if I'm paying for the damage.

We caught up with the bus and I 'took control'. Using my dual controls, I reversed the car in front of the bus to prevent it moving away from its next bus stop.

"You clipped my car" I said to the (clearly Asian) driver.

In fairness he was cool about it and even said later "I doubt a driving instructor would do what you did if it wasn't true"

Being in a very large vehicle he didn't feel the 'brush' and I believe him.

As we exchanged details several passengers got off the bus, clearly annoyed at their journey being interrupted.

Oddly?....All the white passengers remained on board. All those who alighted were clearly Asian/black and without a doubt, muslim.- as was, equally clearly after learning his surname, the driver.

The muslim passengers became very aggressive very quickly.

"You are holding us up!"....."Leave our dirver alone!"....."You are a thief!!"

I have no idea what the last statement meant.

The driver, to his credit, attempted to usher them back on the bus.

Dinners, as you may not be surprised to learn, said "Piss off and mind you're own business...I'm sorting it out with the driver"....ever the diplomat eh?...;-)

One muslim passenger leaned into my face. "You are lying!!!"

My head went back as the 'red mist' descended.

It was similar to a 'Pimms O'Clock moment' really - as per TV adverts in Blighty....

"Picnic blankets? Mums and dads? It's Pimms O' Clock!"

"Wedding party? Embarrassing dancing? It must be Pimms O' Clock!"

"MY FOREHEAD? YOUR NOSE?......etc etc...

The driver - very much to his credit - suddenly appeared between us with his back to me and ushered the dickhead away.

As headbutting the driver in his back would have been grossly unfair I allowed the 'red mist' to dissipate.


1) My car is damaged - albeit only slightly -
2) I was prevented from nutting a mouthy muzzie - probably for the best -
3) Caz burst into tears when Jax emerged from Customs at Heathrow - no surprise there then -
4) I didn't burst into tears when Jax emergef from Customs at Heathrow - I'm a man I am (I so so nearly did)...;-)
5) I am finally drinking a bottle of voddy as tomorrow is a day off for Caz's birthday and I've got the day off.

We're all off to Winchester for the day...I have no idea why...some'at to do with seeing the Cathedral I think but I'm halfway down my litre of voddy and can't remember....


A day with Caz 'n Jax. Just us. (Max would be welcome too incidentally...the only boyfriend I've never growled at and he did take care of her in Madagascar after all).

Life is good.

Stay out of my way First Bus.....I'm looking to stitch you up....and trust me...I will.

Later's and let's all be well careful out there eh?


  1. I'm glad she's back safe and well. You should have burst into tears and even fallen on the floor but, as you say, you're a man so I guess that's that. As for the mussie berk I wish you had headbutted him. What a prat! These Muslims they're worse than Christians. But I'm glad you didn't really because you would have suffered more in the long run and his nose would have mended. Have a good day out (if you can remember it).

  2. At the rate things are going over there I'm surprised they didn't set your car on fire.

  3. Hope you and yours are okay, and far away from the burning chaos.

    By the way, what the hell is going on? The news in the U.S. is pathetic, and more concerned with a reality tv celebrity getting married than it is reporting on things like London burning.

  4. Winchester! Once England's capital city. Be sure to visit the Great Hall of England, see the Round Table and various King's coffins up in the rafters :-)

  5. I can understand your emotion at getting your little girl back safe and sound. Madagascar sounds a beautiful place but full of hazards. Full marks to Max. I have my beady eyes closely on my Grand-daughter's first boy friend and so far so good.
    The bus thing could have turned nasty - so glad it didn't. We must rise above red mists.
    Incidentally my son was quoting the 'o clock thingy this week-end. Look forward to the photos.

  6. Liked the music vid 4D! As fra as the bus thing, seen alot of that in New York City too on some of the smaller neighborhood street's, when them buses make turn's, but on parked car's, then they run. I like how you positioned yourself in front of the bus ... that's the way to get the job done!