Sunday, 26 June 2011

Driving Me Round The Bend!/profile.php?id=100002289941513

If you go to the above link you'll find me popping up in a pic or three. A fancy dress do at The 5 Bells in Harmondsworth. I feel slightly guilty to have picked up a prize as my 'fancy dress' came directly from my wardrobe - ie - SKA BOY. Everyone else had 'hired' their outfits. Caz didn't attend as she was knackered after running a Church that how you spell it?

Anyroad, I was suitably dressed, suitably pissed and suitably won a prize. Apparently I fell over at some point - possibly whilst gyrating around to Bad Manners' "Lip Up Fatty" I'm told. As I have no idea it was clearly a very good night. Christine, a 50 year old grandmother of 9 - yes 9! - is a top drawer singer of any genre but her Cher impression in the second half of her act is, frankly, awesome! Cher paid mega bucks for her body...Christine didn't need too!!! (er...soz don't misunderstand me....put that rolling pin down dear!)

Not entirely surprisingly, I started my driving instructing a wee bit late after the previous evenings excesses.

All I can report is that one student insisted on the entire lesson being conducted whilst I wore my pork pie hat - see pics on above link - another spent the entire lesson gleefully attempting to run over anyone elderley who unwisely strayed within range with a cry of "They've lived long enough!", another decided to go across a roundabout rather than around it as "It's more direct" and the last student of the day attempted to drive down a railway line.

Apart from that the day passed without incident.

I will sort out my linky thingys over the next few days/weeks and begin visiting you all again in the not too distant than likely....;-)

Laters peeps and let's be careful out there....

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Well Hello Again!

This is the first post of the all new and shiny DILLIGAF.

I am now going to bed, to sleep - after a shag of course....

Over the next few days and weeks I will sort this shit out.

Oh boy....

Here we go again.....

I'll never learn will I?