Friday, 19 August 2011


Now if that 'header' doesn't get a few 'hits' from oddballs and pervs I don't know what will...;-)

In order to prevent this post being inordinantly long and, frankly, silly, I will explain.

Men, and previously, boys, as all men were previously boys, adore sex. Sex is the raison d'etre for many many males. Life is worthless without sex.

I have always been curious what precisely drives us males in this way. I have had many male friends who are clearly happy shagging the woman on their arm despite the appearance of said woman resembling the back end of a bus......each to their own I suppose....

I then considered my own tastes....which would clearly not be approved of by every man.
I actually vaguely knew Patsy Kensit when she was little......if only I'd known!!!!!

With the obvious exception of Caz to whom I have remained resolutely faithful to (apart from the occasional Fridays and gymnasts of Eastern European descent...well??'s not my bloody fault that Eastern European gymnasts and Fridays exist for Gods sake!!!)......I have reached a conclusion.
I could cheerfully help Winona Ryder out with her shop lifting problems...probably down to a lack of sex if you ask me....

Men are eternally 18 in their heads...or possibly 16....whilst women grow and mature gracefully, ultimately losing interest in sex.
Debbie Harry is now very old...even by my standards....still...with a bit of help from a time traveller eh?..;-)

Women of a certain age....from around 40 or so I suspect...tend to use sex to reward their hubbies for a job well done that they required doing, or to encourage their man to do a job they require doing.

Men, on the other hand, expect sex to continue relatively unabated regardless.

Men, I believe, have the right idea....obviously I am somewhat biased in this opinion.

Sex is fun. The more fun (sex) you can get, the more fun life is.
Mary Millington (RIP) was my first introduction to the naked female form at around 12 years old...that was me at 12 not Mary I hasten to add...;-)

Clearly we are indeed from Mars and women are equally clearly from Venus.

Tastes however are even more clearly a very personal thing.
If I didn't put Katy Manning back up then I'm very clearly suffering from Call Me Al(zheimers)....

One pal of mine is married to a woman who can't walk without her inordinantly fat thighs producing sparks. He adores this lump of lard and finds her incredibly sexy. All attempts to get him psychiatric help have failed abysmally. He is happy so let's leave the poor bugger alone eh?

I will leave you.....OI! Who said "Thank Christ for that!"???....with my own list of desirable females above...not necessarily desirable now as they may be dead....although I do know a chap who thinks necrophilia is cool...perhaps I need to trim my 'friends list' a bit eh?...;-)....along with a couple of vids....

My personal faves?

Clare Grogan...

Tracey Ullman...


There's really no accounting for taste eh?

Have a good night!!!!!!!!


  1. I am more than 40.......did I really just admit to that!?! And I still want ....errrm ........

    ....well sex basically ;-)

  2. Oh hell, women vary a lot, it's just a matter of finding the right one that likes sex as much as you do, this isn't easy.

    The last one I was with (for 12 years) was 18 years older than me, making her 68 when I was 50 and she was always ready for a romp.

    She was a pretty damn good romp also, anytime, anywhere, not a beauty but kept herself in good shape and loved to fuck. :-)

    We're just on this rock for the sex, not many get that, not these empire building women for sure.

  3. Just looked at Kat Maul's blog, not sure what to make of it.

  4. Some call it "love" some call it "sex" ... for me it's "spirituality" ...

  5. For once I'm speechless. Make the most of it.

  6. Generally speaking, women on this rock are getting so hard to get along with that a lot of men are forced to whacking off.

  7. BBC, who is the common denominator in your equation?I am old as f*k ans I love to f*k Kat is the age of my youngest kid , so you can see I am really,really,really old.:oD

  8. BBC, who is the common denominator in your equation?

    Didn't know that I had an equation, but if I do it's Helen, I compare all women to her and most of them wouldn't make a pimple on her ass.

    I am old as f*k ans I love to f*k

    You don't have to be politically correct here, it's fuck, not f*k. So you're old, big deal, I'm 68 myself. Helen is 89 and still likes to fuck, I'm just not interested in fucking her, sweet woman that she is.

  9. Tracey Ullman--- sorry! I was with you up until then... ;-)