Thursday, 18 August 2011


As John Barrowman is gay I suppose I need to explain making the statement 'I adore John Barrowman'.

Being 'gay' or 'bi' or 'straight' is in your jeans...I beg your pardon...your genes.

I was 'born' straight, John Barrowman was 'born' gay. Such is life.

He is, regardless of anything else, something of a 'consumate entertainer'. I've watched a few other shows of his and he invariably enhances them - 'Such a waste to womanhood' says Caz with a gleam in her eye.....

Being an aficionado of Doctor Who since episode one (the William Hartnell years) back in the late 60's, when as a very young child I hid behind the sofa, I can confidentally say that Captain Jack Harkness aka John Barrowman is the most successful character ever created within the world of Doctor Who other than The Doc himself.

Admittedly Josephine 'Jo' Grant (Katy Manning) was rather consequential to me in my Doctor Who adolescence......that picture with a Dalek kept me erect through several teen years...;-)

OK Dinners...enough Katy Manning already....;-).....there's never enough Katy Manning!!!! least not from when I was 14 anyroad...;-)

TORCHWOOD, a 'spin-off' from Doctor Who,  just keeps getting better and better. 'TORCHWOOD - Miracle Day' is, frankly, the most extraordinary show I've seen - apart from Doctor Who itself.
All of these are now dead apart from Captain Jack Harkness (centre) and the Welsh bird (far left) - Gwen Cooper played by Eve Myles......

If you haven't been watching it then don''ll have no idea WTF is going on. Get the Box Set later.

Actually, if you're new to TORCHWOOD then get every box set.

Apart from Captain Jack and the Welsh bird everyone else that worked for TORCHWOOD through Series 1 to 3 is Series 4...Torchwood : Miracle Day. Showing now on BBC 1 every Friday at 9pm.

TORCHWOOD was initiated by Queen Victoria in an episode of Doctor Who by the way.....just so you know.

One day...many millenia from now, Captain Jack Harkness may well die after becoming The Face Of Bo.

Then again.....I'm a Doctor Who geek so what do I know?

Watch TORCHWOOD - but not now...get the Box Sets.

I think we can safely say we've established I love TORCHWOOD....and John Barrowman - but in a manly way of course.....

Nowt wrong with being a geek over a TV show....

Remember Hill Street Blues?.....oh that was a show!!!!!....but right's TORCHWOOD

Laters....'And Hey!....Let's be careful out there"


  1. They are showing "Torchwood: Miracle Day" on one of the movie channels here in the States and I have caught most of the epsiodes.

    As for the Doctor, David Tenant is still the best but Matt Smith is damn good.

  2. I've avoided blogging on this subject... Torchwood that is not John Barrowman being gay or your Kate Manning obsession - but being similar age to you I have to concur.... there was Lala Ward as well in the Tom Baker times... sorry...

    Torchwood - I'm not liking the new series, too drawn out frankly. And it has become so American - grrrr. See I say series not season, it has nothing to do with the movement of the earth on it's axis and the associated weather pattern and biological changes in the fauna and flora... you make TV series, the world moving on the axis makes the seasons. Got it? Good.

    Also it is all the pharma companies fault again! Give me strength - I've worked 20 years in pharma for a company with a blue logo and a name starting with P but sounding like an F - the people I know have worked there large care about getting medicines to improve peoples lives - trust me I've seen teams working long long hours to get something done and at the back of the mind the motivator is the health of the patients....

    Again the US media has a cheap shot at the pharma industry as making them out to be worse than the 1930s Germany... I'm angry you may note here about this!

    I'll shut up - it could have been a good 5 parter (pharma bashing aside) but a 10 episode season... shame

  3. Beachy : I am slightly alarmed at the 'Americanisation' of Torchwood but I have to say I'm well enjoying it.

    Further-On : With you. Pharma bashing eh?....I do have concerns about it's Americanisation and, certainly, I'd like to see the next SERIES back in Blighty but, costwise, I guess a bit of the American market helps so we may have to bite the bullet on that - as long as Russell T is at the helm - God help us if they let American writers anywhere near it!!!

  4. Bloody Daleks. I had my camera with me during a Brighton model show. One of these bleedin' pepper pots came out of nowhere screaming, pho-to-op-or-tun-i-ty ... and nearly friggin' ran over my foot to post in front of the camera.

  5. This is the bleedin' pepper pot what did it. If you see it ... exterminate with extreme prejudice.

  6. ...and there's two more shots of them in this lot somewhere -