Monday, 5 March 2012

Moving on...again...

The last, and final, incarnation of Four Dinners.

Pop along...or matter....

T'ra - and this blog will self destruct in...oh I dunno...a couple of weeks or so...

Sunday, 4 March 2012



I ain't 'Islamophobic'...I just don't l.ike 'em

I ain't 'racialist' either...I just believe I AM English therefore those who are 'different' to me aren't....Now let's get real here...'Behead Those Who Say Islam Is Violent'????? in terms here mussies....


Amir Khan is muslim. He is a boxer. A very good one too. When he steps into the boxing ring he wears the Union Flag around his shoulders. Win or lose he is British.

That's all I want. Amir is proud to be muslim and proud to be British. He's, sadly, in the minority of muslims in Britain...I don't  want him to be but he is....I am so so sad tha Amir is in the minority of British muslims...

You live here and take our hand outs then you are British and you adapt to be so and accept British ways.

You don't 'adapt' don't 'accept' 'British ways' then fuck off to whereever you came from.

Why is that so unreasonable? Why is that view so politically incorrect??

I'm right.

I know I'm right so that's ok by me.

No doubt' worries...

I'm right.

And in this insane mad mad mad mad mad world...being right and knowing you're right is some comfort.

Not a lot...but some.

Laters and let's be careful out there...

Monday, 27 February 2012

The Land Of Make Believe

The British Goverment donates billions of pounds to India which spends billions of pounds on its own nuclear and space programme whilst British people suffer 'austerity measures' due to a recession. The excuse that Britain is thus ensured lucrative trade with India is somewhat tarnished when India award a huge contract for military aircraft to Germany rather than Britain....oops

The British Courts release a self confessed Islamist Al Qaida supporter onto our streets whilst extraditing a 65 year old English man to America to be tried for a crime he almost certainly didn't know he was commiting always assuming he did in the first place.

The British Government refuses to allow the British people any say what so ever over hugely important issues such as continued membership of the increasingly hated EU or the gradual devolution of Scotland etc and the possible break up of the United Kingdom.

The British Government continues to allow its troops to be killed in Afghanistan and Iraq in support of the so called 'Arab Spring' despite increasing clear evidence that the 'Arab Spring' is being primarily controlled by extreme Islamists whose sole intent is to rid the planet of 'infidels'

The British Legal System insists on a child of 7 years old being branded a racist after he asked a school friend 'Are you brown because you come from Africa?' - and there are several hundred young children in this bizarre situation. Apparently their parents have to sign a form acknowledging their child is now formally a racist.

The British Helath and Safety Laws are applied so rigorously that a man drowns in 3 feet of water after suffering an epilectic fit and the emergency services decline to wade into 3 feet of water to save him as none of their number are formally trained to do so - a young copper who volunteers to go is ordered not to as he isn't qualified to wade into 3 feet of water.

I could go on but this is a 'sober' post and much more of this would drive me to drink.....

I clearly misunderstand the true meaning of democracy. No doubt several officers of the law will bash my door down in the middle of the night to drag me away to an undisclosed place for re-educating.

We really need to be careful out there....

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Stars And Stripes And What A Bunch Of Aresholes Eh?

Gary Mckinnon suffers from whatchamacallit?...Aspergers thingy...a form of Autism.

Now I claim minimal knowledge of such mental illnesses other then my nephew also suffer from Aspergers whatsit...

My nephew is enormously talented on computers - as many Aspergers sufferers necessarily computers...just immensly talented at one specific's just 'life in general' they have trouble coping with...and don't we all eh??

Aspergers is, I am led to believe, one of many forms of Autism.

Now. I am unsure precisely what 'Autism' means - as are most of us. I know - as we all do - that Autism is a form of mental illness or, if you prefer, mental disability.

Basically, unfortunate sufferers are, from our perspective, a sandwich short of a picnic...or two pence short of a shilling or perhaps, a vodka short of a lemonade.....

They are - the Aspergers / Autism sufferers - not entirely of OUR world.

This is not their fault. It is not OUR fault. It just IS.


I do like America and Americans - even my pal Billy who is clearly a cantankerous old sod.


Enough is very much enough.

Some old guy called Chris Tappin has been 'extradited' to the 'good old USA' to stand trial for selling things that he shouldn't have sold to Islamist terrorists - or something to that effect...

Excuse me?

Chris Tappin in a born and bred Englishman....What the fuck is he doing standing trial in the 'good old USA'????

I have no idea whether he has commited a crime or not - and, frankly, I don't care. If he has, or not, he stands trial in England....end of.

England - along with those other bits I don't care about...Wales...Scotland and a bit of Ireland...have allowed poor old Chris to be extradited to stand trial in 'the good old USA'

You're fucking up America...We might be a 'little island' and we might be relatively insignificant in your opinion lately...we.might be considered a 'hostile' country at your immigration stations (as we have a frankly stupid amount of Islamists living here) but don't take the piss America.

Our politicians may want to lick your dicks but we - the people - don't.

We might love you America but we will kick you areses every time chaps.

You know why?

Because only America could make a movie called 'Battle : LA'

We'd make a movie called 'Kick The Shit Out Of Any American Who Fucks With Any Brit'

...'cept in our case it wouldn't be a movie.

Look and learn America...

We love you dearly but...tiny as we are....if you don't back off over Gary and the old guy you might find your tourists locked in the Tower Of London...

...and when WE cut off heads we do it well....

Read your history Yanks.

In the case of Chris Tappen...don't you fucking DARE.

Send him home or stay over there...The Tower Of London awaits..;-)

...although seriously...

If you don't send him home, YOU are another enemy.

You really want to find out what Millwall FC supporters can do to you on the Tube???

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fuck The Internet and...Mainly...Fuck Facebook

The chap who created Facebook has had a movie made about him..I haven't seen it, can't remember it's name (The Social Network?) and, frankly, can't wait to read the wankers obituary.

I have no problem at all with the wanker creating Facebook. Neither do I have any issue about him becoming a millionaire...or billionare or whatever.

My problem is this.

My Facebook account has been hacked into twice. The first time I managed to sort it out, close it down, and start again. I did so with the help of various pals. No help what so ever was forthcoming from Facebook - mainly cause it's fucking impossible to contact anyone or talk to anyone.

Now it's happened again.


If I could actually speak to a human being regarding employee of Facebook who could offer advice etc then fine. If I could actually get ANY help at all from Facebook that was relevent then all fine and dandy.

But I can't.

My account is hacked, I can't get into it and there is no way in a million years that Facebook are going to help purely because you can't find an e-mail address or a phone number to ring.

I'd even settle, reluctantly, for a call centre in Bombay if I could at least TALK to someone.

Facebook?...You are shite and I quit.

My account doesn' account may send obsecene messages or advertisements or God knows what all over the shop....I don't care.

I quit.

And if I read the obituary of the young arsehole who created it I will smile.

He should have made sure we could get help simply and easily.

He didn't.

He's a tosser and I hope he falls off a high balcony.

So there yer go.


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Rock 'n Roll Waaaahey! Rock 'n Roll

I may regret using a Gary Glitter song for my header....;-)


I have resigned from SFRadio - I would link it but as I've resigned why the fuck eh?

There is a completely untrue rumour circulating that I was 'forced out'. I wasn't.

SFR is run by a very good pal of mine and I love him dearly but he went all 'politically correct' on me.

Probably because the Internet Radio Station that is SFR is growing apace and - as all things that increase in size - political correctness invariably pops up.

'You can't do this' and 'You can't say that' and all of that garbage.

Personally, I say what I think and think what I's a northern trait perhaps.

I offend. I know I do. I don't really care. I say it as I see it and, if you don't like it or agree, fine.

Argue your corner but don't expect me to 'modify' ME. I won't. Even if I like you.

I've never set out to offend in my life....but neither have I shirked away from speaking my mind.

I can now be found every Sunday @ 6pm UK time at

I can't say 'a significant number of muslims in Britain are here to take everything they can get and give nothing back in return'?.....Sorry...I'll say it...quite simply because it's true. It offends you?...TOUGH.

...well, I can't say it on SFR anyroad...

I've even had a few 'hate mails' because I had the audacity to say the truth about Peter Mandelson on my show...

He's what?.....That entitles him to rip off everyone does it?...He's a lying, cheating old queer who should have been locked up years ago....

Sadly...he's part of the 'establishment' so he becomes 'Lord Mandelson'....

Harry Redknapp is a very ordinary bloke 'made good' who dodged a bit of tax..possibly...

The 'establishment' went after him and, to my delight, got screwed in court. GO HARRY!!!

I will always say what I think and think what I say.

You can't hack that?... then piss off elsewhere and read some boring blog about 'what I had for breakfast'.

I've no problem with that so why have you?

Besides....I'm getting over a hundred + hits a day and no bugger is saying owt in the comments...

You frightened of the truth or what?

....Let's be careful out there...especially of political correctness eh?

...and why not join me @ every Sunday @ 6pm UK time...just me and my views and my could be fun!!!!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Young Ones

...and no...I'm not a Cliff Richard fan.

I was oop north for a few days. I parked up near Tommyfield Market in Oldham and went for a stroll.

I saw three elderley ladies sitting outside a cafe - despite the cold - gossiping away. Two were white Englaish and one was clearly a muslim as she wore the gear. They were happily gossiping away, comfortable in each others company. Good.

A few moments later I bought a bag of chips from a Pakistani muslim chip stall holder. As he served me several shoppers of my age and above 50+ walked by. Many said 'Howdo' to him and he waved and said 'Howdo' back. Good.

Older Pakistani/Bangla Deshi muslims talking English with a northern accent. Older white English northerners chatting away to them quite happily. No hint of anymosity. No hint of Islamophobia. No hint of the muslims wishing to have nothing to do with the indigenous people. Good. Bloody good!

The muslims clearly happy to be English and muslim and, equally importantly, happy to be a part of the wider community. The wider community clearly happy to welcome them. Being muslim no doubt important to them but, not at the cost of 'not fitting in' and being a part of the community as a whole. Excellent. I've found my Nirvana.


A group of 4 young muslim lads sat at an empty stall jabbering away in a foreign language. Clearly born in England, English was equally clearly not their language of choice. They made a comment at three white girls passing by. The only word I caught was 'whores'.

The three white girls turned and yelled abuse back - such as 'fuck off you Paki bastards' and the like.

I saw variations of this theme played out six times in less than an hour.

I left Tommyfield Market slightly confused and not a little alarmed.

I'm of a generation that has often struggled to accept the 'multi-culturalism' that has been thrust upon us by consecutive governments without any consultation. We didn't want it and, generally, don't particularly like it. Should the 'foreign' part of this awful 'multi'cultural' experiment have even tried to adapt to England, we may have been prepared to give it a try, but, sadly, a significant minority - particularly muslim it has to be said - have made it perfectly clear that, whilst they want all the free hand outs that are going or, at least, the better life style afforded to them whilst living in England, they want nothing at all to do with England itself.

The older muslims in Oldham, or at least the one's I saw, obviously view the world through different eyes and had clearly made the effort to 'join in' and had equally clearly reaped the benefits of behaving sensibly and realistically. It may well be, and almost certainly will be, that there are older muslims in Oldham who behave as their younger counterparts did and a substantial number regardless of age do in the south but I didn't see any evidence of this.

The behaviour of the young muslims of Oldham however was a real cause for concern.

Old farts like me will die before most young people around today. My 'difficulties' accepting other cultures - or at least cultures that are invasive and clearly want nothing to do with mine - I always assumed would be a thing of the past once people like me had shuffled off this mortal coil.

The attitude and behaviour of the several groups of young muslims in Oldham suggested otherwise.

Even more alarmingly, it is not just extreme Islamists that are being abused back after dishing it out. I can understand and empathise with that happening. You're in England so behave in a way acceptable to the English - 'when in Rome' and all that.

There may be trouble ahead methinks...perhaps more than I realised...and almost certainly sooner than I realised....

Laters n let's be careful out there....