Monday, 25 July 2011

Deeper and Deeper

That Norwegian fella is an evil scumbag.


There is NO excuse for killing innocent people of any age, let alone teenagers.


I wonder whether anyone will ask the question "If we assume he isn't completely insane" (he may be) "Then what could drive a human being to doing something so evil?"

The question will never be asked quite simply because most European media is biased to 'the left'.

The 'liberal elite' governing Europe have, for many years, sought to create a multi-cultural/multi-racial Nirvana.

Nothing, but NOTHING could ever justify the actions of this Norwegian maniac.

But the cause of his mania points directly to the liberal elite who have been in charge since WWII.

I think we've all paid the price for Nazi Germany. Let's stop creating another cause for the Nazi's.

Let's realise that people hate the 'colonisation' of their countries by alien cultures.

There are enough nutters on this planet without continuing to give reasons to others to become nutters.

Humanity may never live together entirely in peace, but if we continue to allow our 'liberal elite' to dictate how they believe we should live and what we should accept then this monster may be only the start of something even darker than Islam.

Now that would be very very dark.

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