Monday, 25 July 2011

Norway and the Scourge of Liberalism

Amir Khan is British...Amir Khan is English... Amir Khan is muslim.

Get that?

British first and foremost, English second and muslim third.

I like Amir Khan.

He is proud to be British, proud to be English and proud to be muslim.

Amir Khan is the acceptable face of immigration and colonisation.

He hasn't rejected his roots or his faith....he's adapted to the fact that he has to be British to live here and be accepted here.

There's a problem?

Apparently there is with certain muslims.

That would be the muslims that need to fuck off before they get fucked by Brits like me who have had more than enough of them.

Amir is the business.

Long live and reign BRITAINS AMIR KHAN.

If you disagree with that statement do yourself a favour.

Fuck off back to a mussie country before we either force you or shoot you.


That's what liberalism gets you ultimately......

Nobody in their right mind would ever condone what the scumbag did....but he did it because the 'liberal elite' think they can create a multi-culteral/ethnic nirvana...

Guess what?

They can't.

Amir Khan is the way forward.

You move to another country you adopt and adapt....or you create Norway's grief again.

Besides...if I moved to a muslim country and asked for a Christian Church and behaved like a Christian I wonder what would happen?

You tell me....cause we already know....I'd be minus my silly head....

Take a leaf out of Amir's book mussies.

I'm proud he's British.

Are you?

Nuff said.


  1. Pat said in a post below, If there were no guns there would be no shooting - it seems to me.

    I don't know what WW3 will be fought with, but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones. - Albert Einstein.

    4D, maybe you should talk about shit you actually know about and understand from a higher perspective? Nuts or not the man was making a statement against muslims moving into Norway.

    Unless you want to become part of the muslim world, in that case, carry on.

    PS: Let me know how that works out for you.

  2. I'm not saying that you shouldn't allow muslims into your country's, I'm just saying that you should shoot the troublesome ones.

    No point in wasting a good ditch by filling it back in without a bunch of politicians and fucked up muslims in it, or christians.

  3. This has never been a peaceful world, get over it.

  4. i thought you were lightening up?
    that throbbing vein in the side of your head is going to burst one day. maybe before i have my heart attack. it's not a race bro. calm down, have a voddy, stick some pistols on and relax.
    we've got to have more days/weekends together. can't do that if neither of us are here.
    lets see the fun 4D again. please...


    p.s. do you know that Ian Dury says "fucking Ada" 72 times in the song of the same name? it's funny the shit you do when sat waiting for a tram.

  5. Billy : I'm just being me dad!...;-)

    Sime : Only in Yorkshire eh?...A tram????...;-)

  6. NO, A "SUPER" TRAM. don't ask, i don't know...

  7. It all comes down to whether you are a thinker or a non-thinker. If you follow anything blindly, a religion, a patriotic movement, a "leader", then you are a non-thinker who will make others around you miserable. You will lack the empathy to understand why they don't want to be forced to believe the same way you do. We have that here in the U.S. with our Christian Right Wing. They hate Muslims and constantly point out how terrible Sharia Law is, but they want to make Christian prayer required in public school, and want to force women to bear children when they don't want to. They are cut from the same cloth as those they hate, yet, because they are non-thinkers, they don't see that. They just continue to make the lives of the thinker miserable.