Saturday, 23 July 2011


Now look...

If a bomb goes off on The Gaza Strip or some loony tunes guns down some innocents at a school in America or some muslim fundamentalist blows the crap out of some bit of London then we are shocked.

Shocked, but not entirely surprised.

Our politicians have created this insane world and we are not entirely shocked when the insane world they have created kicks us in the arse.

Was 9/11 entirely unpredictable?...Nope...It was a shock but we'd pissed off Al Qaida who are a terrorist organisation so it wasn't entirley unpredictable was it?...A bit of a surprise perhaps...but not entirely unpredictable....

7/7 wasn't entirely unpredicatble either was it? It was certainly a shock but, if it was going to happen it was going to happen in Britain or America most likely and it did.

I was startled, as I suspect were many, to learn that this shit happened in Norway.


For a brief instant I thought 'It's because of those Mohammed cartoons' until I remembered that was Denmark.

Well...perhaps Call Me Al Qaida have a slight geographical issue when it comes to Scandinavia?

It appears it was a 'far right' lunatic.

Now...being a proud member of 'the right wing' in political terms I held my breath as the news came through.

It appears 'he' was a 'lone wolf'....although there may be two of them.....


The 'right wing' would never condone or support such crazy behaviour - if only because the 'right wing', politically speaking, are growing successfully - if slowly.

This 'nutter' has set back 'right wing politics' by several years at best.

Would Britain's British National Party condone this sort of thing? No way.

Even the farther right wing 'English Defence League' would baulk at this sort of shit.

Islamic fundamentalists who live amongst us would do this.....we wouldn't.

Suddenly...a maverick 'far right lone wolf' has done what Islam has been doing.

The stupid bastard has pushed us waaaay back after all the good work of recent years.

More importantly he's killed kids.

As a man who has little, if any faith in God...God help us all.

This mad bastard has killed maybe 80+ kids. They were simply learning about was a Labour/Socialist holiday camp....I disagree wholeheartedly with Socialists.

I hate 'multi-culturalism' and all that bollocks but I would never in a million years harm anyone who agreed with multi-culturalism. I'd tell them they were idiots and buy them a beer.

If sections of the 'far right' are now considering using the terrorist tactics of Islam then this is going to get very very dirty.


If it can happen in Norway it really can happen anywhere....

I'll continue to look at Islamists with justifiable suspicion...I'll now look at white Englishmen with a degree of suspicion......

Bombing and shooting is very very wrong. We know that, Islamists clearly don't. Now, it appears, some 'right wingers' don't either.

As a proud 'right winger send 'em home get em out of MY country England for the English' sort of chap I am shocked to the core.

My politics won't change but my view of those who agree with me have just changed beyond recognition.

Every sane persons thoughts are with you Norway.....

Every sane persons thoughts....even mine.

What a fucking world eh?...What a fucking world....


  1. At my age and after 25 years of marriage I'm happy to get Beaver Three Monthly...;-)

    Get out of here, I'm older than you and I'm still good for once a day. Of course that may require seven women the way things are anymore being as they only seem to get horny about once a week. :-)

  2. i am glad you tagged the word "fundamentalists" on the end of islamic.
    there is nothing in their scriptures about waging war on others, or causing innocents harm. that's a minority that don't speak for the majority.
    as it is with the islamics out there also.

    badum tsh.

  3. Unfortunately, there are some critical things wrong with Islam. I quote from a translation of the Qur'an by MAS Abdel Haleem which was described by Muslin News as, "One of the best [translations] to have appeared in recent times."

    9 - Repentance.

    5 When the [four] forbidden months are over, wherever you encounter the idolators, kill them, seize them, besiege them, wait for them at every lookout post; but if they repent, maintain the prayer and pay the prescribed alms, let them go on their way, for God is most forgiving and merciful.

    ...that's the controversial "Swords" verse, but that is, indeed, the naked translation. Islam is a very isolationist religion and these days, isolation leads to catastrophe.

    No matter what way you cut it, however, the extremists are killing non-idolators and also fellow muslims, so there will be no virgins waiting for them on the other side.

    In Oslo, they've had these religious maniacs running around for a few years now, raping women and telling them that their religious beliefs make it OK for them to do what they're doing.

    Something like this, even in Oslo, was probably inevitable. If fire isn't fought with fire, then what good will it do for us to simply protest the extremists guns? End game is that we'll get shot. We'll probably say something like, "Oh, I say. Bad sport old chap."

    It is up to politicians to sort this mess out and take the necessary steps to prevent it coming to that point.

    However, so far they have done six eighths of bugger all. Same thing in Oslo, so I can understand why the politicians were the target ... but I am still having trouble getting my head around why he killed these people.

    Maybe now our politicians will take steps to reign in the ridiculous cultural beliefs that threaten to provoke good people in to similar actions.

    Some how, though, I don't believe they will.

  4. Anyway, about Norway, there's no understanding anything anymore, other than we should all pack guns. Peaceful people keep the peace with guns.

  5. Ya silly git you think you're from the purest of blood lines? Better have another look at the family tree.

    Oops that's right you were adopted I'll shut up now.

  6. If there were no guns there would be no shooting - it seems to me.

  7. Billy : uh?...oh yeah...Beavers...I'm always a post behind everyone else too...;-)

    Sime : Our kids will learn that 'the enemy' is amongst us mate - if not in our lifetime and it may well be. I've got muzzie friends....yep...daft as it may sound I have. I often try to 'pin them down' on's like pinning down an eel....They know and I know the point of Islam today is to dominate the world.

    They may genuinely not agree with that ethos but it IS the ethos of those who control Islam.

    To think otherwise is naive.

    What the Norwegian did is unforgiveable and indefensible.

    What our mainly liberal elite politicians have done to OUR countries is unforgiveable and indefensible.

    Michelle : My wavelength babe. He IS evil but would HE have even contemplated such an action if Norway hadn't accepted so many 'alien cultures' into their land? Doubt it. The liberal elite are trying to create a multi-cultural Nirvana and are clearly fainling at every turn because we are human.

    That mad bastard merely went three steps beyond where I am - and ever will be come to that.

    After much wringing of hands the liberal elite of Norway and Europe will fail to recognise THEY laid the foundations for this unacceptable atrocity.

    Billy : Ah! Right post again...;-) You have more sense your little finger than most seem to have in their entire bodies mate.

    Demeur : As far as I know Billy isn't adopted so I guess you mean me? True. Most Brits have Saxon/Norman/Viking et al blood in them. It isn't the 'bloodline' it's the 'culture'...the 'way of living'. Muslims particularly have zero respect for any 'way of living' that isn't muslim - even my muslim friends freely admit this. Fair enough. Friend or no fuck off and live in a muslim country then. Try to 'convert' ours and we'll kill you one day (or you'll kill us 'cause we won't accept Islam here that's for sure) - and quite right too. Just leave and that will keep the peace.

    Pat : Love yer babe. Wish it was so. This isn't about 'guns' babe. It's about 'fear' and 'evil' and politicians creating scenarios that nobody - apart from them - wants.

    What that evil, twisted creature did in Norway was a direct result of the liberal elite trying to create something nobody else wants. Eventually some nutter was going to do this. There is no justification for it but it wouldn't have happened without the liberal elite creating an envirement where it could.

    So there...;-)