Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Now THAT was a bloody loooooong way to drive....just there, let alone back as well!!!

Getting there was a loooong way...getting back was virtually infinity!!!!

'I close my eye's and count to ten'.....Tracey Ullman...oh dear Dinners...wakey wakey!!!!

I attended the wedding of 'Shoe' and 'Vespa' aka Shoe Shine (Neil...not THIS Neil I hasten to add) and Sue.

I learnt a valuable lesson.

Never attend a wedding/disco in a part of England that has always been 'alien' to you because you won't have a bloody clue what anyone is saying.

'Yer canny mon'

Lesson Two. Attend regardless of Lesson 1 as you'll have a ball!!!

'Yer canny mon' apparently means, in some semblence of English, 'We like you'.

An extraordinary weekend seeing two people marry because they love each other.

A cracking reception tied into a 'scooter rally'. The company of my adopted baby brother Barnsley Sime being a lovely bonus.

The booze flowed, Dinners got insanely drunk for two nights and....woke up in a tent in the field of a rugby club called Bishop Auckland having no idea why he was in a tent or why he was in the field of a rugby club.

Now if that doesn't make a good time I don't know what does.

Fuck me sideways. How I have made 53 is a mystery to not only me, but, quite conceivably, medical science.

I love the MAKEMS and, perhaps, slightly worryingly, the MAKEMS seem to love me.

I'm MINT I am.....I'm CANNY I am...The MAKEMS said so....so there!!!!!

MAKEMS are, frankly, beautiful people.

I know. I was looked after by them.

Shoe Shine? Vespa? Trev? Gavin? Tush et al.


Later's and let's be careful out there eh?


  1. Mint mon... or something like that... at least it is English - of a fashion! I still have to regularly visit the land which vowels forgot...

  2. The booze flowed, Dinners got insanely drunk for two nights...

    I salute you sir and will do my very best to honorably emulate your behavior this weekend.

    I am very happy for the newlyweds but personally the only thing worse than a funeral is a wedding.