Saturday, 19 November 2011

Well Hello There!...And how the devil are you?

No I'm not dead...yet.

Yes, I haven't blogged in ages.

You see I thought my old 'tower' was knackered and went and bought another. Unfirtunately I had saved my passwords to the old 'tower' - not to mention various e-mail addresses - so after plugging in my new 'tower' I couldn't remember half of them. Blogger, Facebook.

Eventually I plugged the old - and perfectly fine 'tower' - back in so now I can blog (and I've made a note of the e-mail i use to get on Blogger. Where the hell did I get THAT e-mail address from?....;-)

Anyroad. Lots to catch up on but, for now, it's good to be back - and indeed alive! One of my readers was convinced I'd shuffled off. Not yet Eugene! Not yet!!!

Lots to talk about, not least my smashing new t-shirt courtesy of my pal Stu.

Right. Off to sort Sunday's show.

The Drunk Punk Bowwowwow Special on SFR

Tune in if you get chance....6pm this

If you read this Monday onwards then tune in the following Sunday for A BOMBSKARE SPECIAL - a 10 piece Scottish Ska Band and they're HOT!!!

Talk soon

Be careful out there!!!

4D x


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  2. Was wondering if you had an unfortunate run-end with a very bad student.

    Welcome Back!

  3. Bluddy el. You had me worried there. The last thing you said was you had a stressed liver and that was it! What did you think we would think? I have been looking for your telephone number (which you may be pleased to know I have lost) and I was going to have to get all detective like to find out if you were alright.

    I'm dead chuffed you are and I like the looks of that SFR (and the sounds at the moment). If I can I will tune in tomorrow.... later today)

    Look after yourself you are too important for this planet to shuffle off yet :)

  4. So you've got dual computers now? You can hang one of those "L" cards on them and take on student bloggers.

  5. Good to have you back Forde-Innes. Life (on blog) has been quiet and well behaved of late. I'm sure you'll soon remedy that.
    Warm regards, Mike.

  6. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, yer back!!