Thursday, 1 December 2011

Racist Tram Lady

If you haven't heard of her yet - or watched the vid - you are clearly living in an underground bunker.

Mad as a hatter........................or is she?

Clearly she is wrong in abusing the nice black ladies on the tram who were almost certainly born in England and, whilst I am sure, rightly proud of their Carribean heritage, equally proud to be British/English.

However.....Racist Tram Lady is very clearly not the brightest star in the firmament...she actually struggles to speak intelligible English for starters......but....but...

The number of Eastern European and African immigrants arriving in Britain is unsustainable.

You can't have nearly 3 million unemployed and allow immigration to continue in the hundreds, let alone the hundreds of thousands.

If you do, ultimately, Racist Tram lady will develop into 'pissed of Englishman/woman....Scotsman/woman' etc etc.

Intelligent people who cry 'ENOUGH' and then the shit hits the fan.


Because, in between Racist Tram Lady's bizarre verbal attack on anyone who isn't English there is a grain of truth. In her case a very small one admittedly...but a grain none the less.

This IS OUR country. WE ARE fed up of immigrants arriving in what ever guise and regardless of race, creed or colour.

We DO want it to stop and it isn't stopping.

We can laugh at the inadequacies of Racist Tram lady and dismiss her as a loony.

What happens when intelligent people develop the balls to say what they really think?

It won't be a tirade of ridiculous abuse, it will be well thought out and logical - and correct - arguments relating to a blanket ban on immigration and, even, potentially, repatriation.

I seem to think the Nazi's started of in similar vein in the 1930's.....

Ignore Racist Tram lady by all means Liberal Elite....we will...but ignore the deeper cause of her rant at your peril.

Laters...and let's be careful of which tram we catch eh?


  1. Welcome to Earth, third rock from the sun. Fuck you. :-)

  2. There was a leader in the Independent discussing the underlying issue of the disenfranchised white working class...

    Still doesn't excuse her behaviour however clearly but it was an interesting piece

  3. Frankly 4-D, many western nation's like UK, USA are going to have to really tighten up on immigration, espeicailly due to the economies and employment ... and there is NO "politically correct" way to explain this, without being called racist, but it's the reality whether we acknowledge it or not.