Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Happy Christmas War Is Starting

John Lennon was, clearly, the eternal optimist to write 'Happy Christmas, War is over'....you would have thought he'd have realised humanity are never happier than when they're blowing the crap out of other bits of humanity.

Take the 'World Wars I & II' for example. I've lost track of the number of people I've spoken to in the past who claimed, in all seriousness, the happiest times of their lives were when the world was kicking the shit out of itself.

The general reasoning seems to be thus....

A portion of the world gets together and agrees that another portion of the world are loonies.

The first portion, having reached said agreement, then bomb the crap out of the loonies and, in the process, all those who are from the section of the world that has agreed just who the loonies are have a jolly good time - obviously excepting the ones who get blown up fighting the loonies of course along with their relatives who have to receive them home in body bags....assuming there's enough left for a body bag....

The Arab world is in disarray.....The Muslim Brotherhood, whoever the hell they are, seem to be slowly taking control....which is clearly a BAD THING if you happen to be other than muslim over there....and, potentially, over here or anywhere else ultimately come to that.

Fuhrer Merkel in Germany and Napoleon Sarkozy in France seem hell bent on creating a European super state under primarily German domination with Sarkozy cheerfully playing the modern role of Vichy France.

The Argies want to have some slogan about 'owning' The Falkland Islands on their Olympic outfits, China continues to look even bigger than it does on world maps, North Korea may or may not nuke South Korea, Iran may or may not nuke any country the mad Mullah's can reach, Israel's Mossad continues to assassinate any and every Iranian nuclear scientist it can find, Call Me Dave Cameron continues to pretend he's still on the playing fields of Eton or wherever he went as the country goes to the dogs...or, more accurately, immigrants, and the world continues to turn...for now....

Obama continues to be America's Prez whilst not actually seeming to do anything other than get hammered by some strange mob who apparently like tea.

Putin in Russia looks like he would like The Soviet Union back if we wouldn't mind awfully

....and, most worryingly of all, Oldham Athletic continue to look unlikely candidates to ever return to the Premiership.

Oh well....

There's always curry and vodka.

I will be inordinantly pissed off if the Mayans are right you know.

The world can't possibly end on December the 22nd!!! That's my birthday!!!

...I could live with the 23rd at a pinch...at least I could have a curry, a few beers and a good shag the night before....

laters...and let's be careful out there eh?...least until December 22nd.....


  1. You almost made me cry. You have such an astute perception of reality. And there was me trying to kid myself that humans care about each other. I'm sorry to say I totally agree with every thing you expressed here. A shitty bunch of wallies - and they seem hell bent on continuing that way. Thank goodness for you. (And me and a few others.) P.S. Can we start enjoying ourselves now and bomb the hell out of the loonies?

  2. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... You sum it all up in a nutshell Guy ... Funny thing about the Mayan's ... nothing they found that the Mayan's wrote even say that the end of the world is 2012 ... that shit is more twisted than Bible tale's ... all they said was that the earth has natural cycle's of change, and beside's all the Mayan art scroll's that were burnt by Christian's and Pagan Hater's, only probably less than 10% of such even been recovered ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... BUT ... folk's want to buy that shit, apocalyptic stuff and the worx ... may as well sell it, make a buck ,then spend the money on more bombing campaign's and wiping the asses of the wealthy. It's no wonder we get fucked, eh?

    Later 4- D

    BTW ... BBC/ Billy Cook is on vacation camping ... he put me in charge of shit while he's gone.

  3. To use your vernacular "we've all gone bloody crazy".

    Is it something in the air or water do you think?

    But here's something to put things in perspective. The land you now rest your butts on has been here for thousands of years and it will be here long after we're all worm food.

    And no RC you could never fill Billy's shoes he is the master of shoveling shit. :-)