Thursday, 8 December 2011

Where's Dredd When You Need Him???

4 Somalian muslim girls beat the crap out of a white English girl.

Her boyfriend wades in to help her....although his 'wading' seems a bit wobbly at times so it's quite possible he and his girl had quaffed a few as well - but that's hardly the point...

It comes to court and the Somalian girls plead it wasn't really their fault as they were drunk and, being muslim, are not used to drink.

No evidence was presented suggesting the girl or her boyfriend had said anything to incite the attack.

The Somalian muslim girls, however, admitted they'd shouted 'White Slag' and 'White Whore' at her - without provocation.

Not only did the judge refuse to acknowledge it was a 'race hate crime' but he freed the 4 Somalian muslims after agreeing, as they weren't used to alcohol, it was mererly an 'unfortunate incident'.

The judge even suggested the boyfriends hostile reaction to his girlfriend being attacked may have worsened the situation.

You what?????

Come again????


Watch the cctv vid of the incident and see for yourselves.....

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

If I was her boyfriend I think I'd be taking a leaf out of Judge Dredd's book.....'I AM THE LAW!'

After being released virtually without punishment....might have been a community order or something in there somewhere - I can neither remember or care - the Somali girls refused to apologise and even gleefully updated their Facebooks that they were 'delighted' or words to that effect.

God forbid that had been my daughter on the receiveing end but I kid you not.

If the so called 'law' had arrived at that sort of conclusion with my daughter as the victim I'd be blogging from prison. Female or not, those coconut headed bitches would have been crippled for life....and that's if I was in a more reasonable frame of mind than I might have been on finding them.......

When the law declines to protect and, if unable to protect, hand out JUST punishments for violent crimes, then it is beholden on us to protect and avenge our own.

'Don't take the law into your own hands' say the courts and police.

There's a law to take??? Who's law would that be then?

Laters 'n let's be careful of drunken Somalians out there eh?


  1. Tisk tisk Dinners you don't know how to make lemonade when life heaves lemons at you ?
    A simple visit to their imam would have swift and harsh justice doled out. This may be a puzzlement to our justice system but Shira law doesn't fool around. Try beating them at their own game for once.
    Humm wonder how many lashes they'd get for that little crime under muzzie law?

  2. This sort of thing makes a laughing stock of the judiciary, and of us for allowing it. It's the sort of thing that seems to place our present laws somewhere between Alice in Wonderland and a comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan. 'Trial by Jury', wacky as it is, can't get near this for sheer daftness. If the law really declines to give us any sort of protection, or deal out any sort of justice, then we must think in terms of protecting our own.

    I do think Demeur might have the right idea. Perhaps we could play them at their own game ?
    They're always demanding Sharia Law, aren't they.

  3. This is why I'm such an advocate of gal's carrying concealed weapon's/ handgun's as well. I know damn well in my state, if she defended herself with a handgun, it would be damn hard to find a jury to take her on, and even an indictment would be difficult, but that's Texas for ya. As far as the not being used to drinking and all that ... bullshit, their nothing but hate monging bullies basically, they wanted to beat the shit out of the girl, they used the alcohol, because they dont have the ball's to do it sober. Ya'll seem to have a real issue over there these dayz with muslim immigrant's too.

    Over 5 year's back, muslim cab driver's in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) went on strike (muslim immigrant's in that city were like 90% of the cab driver force at the time) saying that they would no longer accept any fare's/ customer's in their cab's, even from the airport which they solely dominated, if the customer had anything to drink, because it is violating their muslim moral's or whatever ... and the city actually tried to sympathize with them ... as far as I'm concerned, go find another fucken job, or get the fuck out of our country with that neo- sharia shit!

    I'll shut up now Guy ....

  4. Fuck laws, if I was her boyfriend those coconut headed bitches would have been crippled for life.

    I'm sort of fond of white whores, or any decent whores for that matter.

    Fuck judges, they're not interested in right and wrong, just interpreting the laws.