Sunday, 11 December 2011

Bulldog Spirit

Call Me Dave Cameron told Fuehrer Mirkel and Napoleon Sarkozy to 'fuck off'

Made my year.

I've little or no time for politicians.

Deputy PM Wee Nicky Clegg insisted that, regardless of what the majority of the general populace wanted - ie total withdrawal from the European Union - he would ignore 'popular opimion' and do what is right and fight to keep us in Europe.

Well wee Nicky...that's why the Liberal Democrats have about as much chance of ever being elected as I have of shagging Patsy Kensit......fortunately for the former and sadly for the latter....

A National referendum is unavoidable. It cannot be ducked anymore. Sometime in the new year the people will finally get THEIR say.

Bloody hell.

This 'democracy' lark is not as simple as it seems is it?

Give the people a voice? Good grief!!! Disgraceful behaviour!!! Anyone would think Britain was a democracy!!!

Come the revolution....

Laters n let's be careful of political correctness out there all you honky's, coons, paki's, muzzies, four be two's, tiddley winks, paddy's, leak eaters....anyone I haven't offended yet?....please mail me and I will remember to offend you too in profuse apologies at forgetting you....

oh yeah...let's not forget the Frogs n Krauts eh?

...Don't mention the war..;-)


  1. Fuck folitics, and fuck the fucking christians, the fucking muslims, the fucking jews and the fucking pussy of the Dali Lama.

  2. The comment above is a link.

  3. I do believe you left out a few, Dinners. I didn't see "spics, junglebunnies, chinks, slanteyes or wetbacks" in your list.

  4. It's always a few that make problems for everyone. Those types should stay in their own countries.

  5. As far as little or no time for politician's ... bought my first and onle computer here back in 2008, stated this blog, didnt even think that I would spend the amount of time I did on politic's. Unfortunately what happened was .... until then, I never heard or read much about them, I alwayz voted ... but didnt even care or know much about who I voted for anywayz.

  6. Rather xenophobic, lad. Show a bit more tolerance!
    Remember we are all foreigners almost everywhere.