Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Folly Of Europe

Back in the day people used to build 'follies'...buildings that served no real purpose other than because the builder wanted to build them. Some follies are quite remarkable.

The Liberal Elite of Europe wanted to build a 'United States of Europe' - much as Britains Liberal Elite envisaged a multi-cultural/racial nirvana.

Suffice to say they didn't take into account human nature or democracy.

The people were clearly too ignorant to decide so it was decided for them.

Watch yer back Liberal Elite......we've got knives yer know...and we're sharpening them.


  1. I'd never take just a knife to a gun fight and I'll bet the liberals over there have guns, at least they have control of the military and they have guns.

  2. Hardly "liberal" since the austerity policies enforced by the EU have being destroying social safety nets and the public sector all over the continent. Merkel and Sarkozy are from the conservative parties of their own countries and their quislings in Athens and Rome are ex-bankers.

    The EU is like the Republican party in the US -- a tool of the financial parasite class.

    No need for knives, though. It's clearly on the verge of collapsing from its own overreach and incompetence.

  3. You need the knifes and guns for your own protection when things collapse.

  4. Time to get drunk, while we can still afford beer.