Saturday, 25 February 2012

Stars And Stripes And What A Bunch Of Aresholes Eh?

Gary Mckinnon suffers from whatchamacallit?...Aspergers thingy...a form of Autism.

Now I claim minimal knowledge of such mental illnesses other then my nephew also suffer from Aspergers whatsit...

My nephew is enormously talented on computers - as many Aspergers sufferers necessarily computers...just immensly talented at one specific's just 'life in general' they have trouble coping with...and don't we all eh??

Aspergers is, I am led to believe, one of many forms of Autism.

Now. I am unsure precisely what 'Autism' means - as are most of us. I know - as we all do - that Autism is a form of mental illness or, if you prefer, mental disability.

Basically, unfortunate sufferers are, from our perspective, a sandwich short of a picnic...or two pence short of a shilling or perhaps, a vodka short of a lemonade.....

They are - the Aspergers / Autism sufferers - not entirely of OUR world.

This is not their fault. It is not OUR fault. It just IS.


I do like America and Americans - even my pal Billy who is clearly a cantankerous old sod.


Enough is very much enough.

Some old guy called Chris Tappin has been 'extradited' to the 'good old USA' to stand trial for selling things that he shouldn't have sold to Islamist terrorists - or something to that effect...

Excuse me?

Chris Tappin in a born and bred Englishman....What the fuck is he doing standing trial in the 'good old USA'????

I have no idea whether he has commited a crime or not - and, frankly, I don't care. If he has, or not, he stands trial in England....end of.

England - along with those other bits I don't care about...Wales...Scotland and a bit of Ireland...have allowed poor old Chris to be extradited to stand trial in 'the good old USA'

You're fucking up America...We might be a 'little island' and we might be relatively insignificant in your opinion lately...we.might be considered a 'hostile' country at your immigration stations (as we have a frankly stupid amount of Islamists living here) but don't take the piss America.

Our politicians may want to lick your dicks but we - the people - don't.

We might love you America but we will kick you areses every time chaps.

You know why?

Because only America could make a movie called 'Battle : LA'

We'd make a movie called 'Kick The Shit Out Of Any American Who Fucks With Any Brit'

...'cept in our case it wouldn't be a movie.

Look and learn America...

We love you dearly but...tiny as we are....if you don't back off over Gary and the old guy you might find your tourists locked in the Tower Of London...

...and when WE cut off heads we do it well....

Read your history Yanks.

In the case of Chris Tappen...don't you fucking DARE.

Send him home or stay over there...The Tower Of London awaits..;-)

...although seriously...

If you don't send him home, YOU are another enemy.

You really want to find out what Millwall FC supporters can do to you on the Tube???


  1. Hear hear!

    ............... by the way Dinners - I'm half Welsh

  2. Autism is just a sorry ass excuse for every fucking thing anymore.

    We might love you America but we will kick you areses every time chaps.

    You silly fuck, how much had you drank before writing this post? You seem to have forgotten that we are all armed and you are not. At football games you silly fucks beat the shit out of each other, we shoot each other.

    But drop in for a beer any old time and I'll lend you a gun to protect us from others worse than us. :-)

  3. I'd like to remind you that we whipped your sorry asses around 300 years ago. :-)

  4. er...oh yeah...erm....oops...;-)

  5. I'm here in Texas... We sold the Iranians the actual missiles that these batteries were for. Why aren't we digging up the corpse of Reagen and putting him on trial for the real crime of giving them missiles? Recall we don't talk to hostage takers, just give them weapons of mass destruction apparently.


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