Saturday, 18 February 2012

Rock 'n Roll Waaaahey! Rock 'n Roll

I may regret using a Gary Glitter song for my header....;-)


I have resigned from SFRadio - I would link it but as I've resigned why the fuck eh?

There is a completely untrue rumour circulating that I was 'forced out'. I wasn't.

SFR is run by a very good pal of mine and I love him dearly but he went all 'politically correct' on me.

Probably because the Internet Radio Station that is SFR is growing apace and - as all things that increase in size - political correctness invariably pops up.

'You can't do this' and 'You can't say that' and all of that garbage.

Personally, I say what I think and think what I's a northern trait perhaps.

I offend. I know I do. I don't really care. I say it as I see it and, if you don't like it or agree, fine.

Argue your corner but don't expect me to 'modify' ME. I won't. Even if I like you.

I've never set out to offend in my life....but neither have I shirked away from speaking my mind.

I can now be found every Sunday @ 6pm UK time at

I can't say 'a significant number of muslims in Britain are here to take everything they can get and give nothing back in return'?.....Sorry...I'll say it...quite simply because it's true. It offends you?...TOUGH.

...well, I can't say it on SFR anyroad...

I've even had a few 'hate mails' because I had the audacity to say the truth about Peter Mandelson on my show...

He's what?.....That entitles him to rip off everyone does it?...He's a lying, cheating old queer who should have been locked up years ago....

Sadly...he's part of the 'establishment' so he becomes 'Lord Mandelson'....

Harry Redknapp is a very ordinary bloke 'made good' who dodged a bit of tax..possibly...

The 'establishment' went after him and, to my delight, got screwed in court. GO HARRY!!!

I will always say what I think and think what I say.

You can't hack that?... then piss off elsewhere and read some boring blog about 'what I had for breakfast'.

I've no problem with that so why have you?

Besides....I'm getting over a hundred + hits a day and no bugger is saying owt in the comments...

You frightened of the truth or what?

....Let's be careful out there...especially of political correctness eh?

...and why not join me @ every Sunday @ 6pm UK time...just me and my views and my could be fun!!!!


  1. Start your own fucking radio station.

  2. Bah. I don't agree with you all the time. Hell, that would be BORING! But those who think differently from ourselves (like... everybody)give us an insight to things we might otherwise be ignorant of, which is a good thing.

    Somebody over here on this side of the pond (I think) once said "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".

    Like your sidebar says "Open your eyes"

    And I hope this hasn't put a dent between you and Barns...

  3. My sincerest apologies for not commenting. I keep looking but am so exhausted most of the time I just think I will say something later. I shall make more of an effort to comment in future. Your issue with PC strikes me as an interesting one. It is true that there is such a thing and the thought police are out there monitoring it. But it is just a game set up by the prats in power. They wouldn't know a PC thought if they had one. A nice quote from somewhere and to be found on Richard H Kirk's website "better to die standing up than to live on your knees".

  4. my god what do people want, just a bunch of clones? i am glad i am retired and never have to be pc, not that i ever was in the first place.

  5. I never considered SF radio anything more than a couple of guys farting around in a basement and getting drunk in the process. I took it for what it was and it wasn't that serious. Call a spade a spade, have a few pints and play some music. You sure weren't hurting anybody and we all had a laugh or two.

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