Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Rocket Science and Common Sense...WHAT???

Now apart from having a ludicrously silly beard and an even more ridiculous name - which alone should result in him being shot at dawn (or any other convenient time of the day if you ask me) - Abu Qatada is to be released from prison.

It is clearly proven by those who do things like clearly prove things that Abu Qatada is strongly connected to 'Call Me' Al Qaeda - who are clearly mad as hatters and seem to enjoy blowing things up, not least themselves.

Let's face it...any organisation that doesn't follow 'Q' with 'U' is clearly not all there.....

Unfortunately, it appears that there are insufficient numbers of 'Call Me' Al Qaeda blowing themselves up to remove them all from the face of the Earth.

'Call Me' Al Qaeda operatives such as Abu Qatada prefer to convince their Islamic minions to blow themselves up rather than demonstrate to their minions.....this is, to my way of thinking, somewhat unfortunate.

Abu Qatada has cost the British tax payer lots and lots and lots of tax payers money to be kept alive and relatively well in one of Her Majesties Prisons.

He could have been shot - quite easily. MI5...or 6 or whoever the hell it is...could have blown the mad bastards brains out and saved us..the tax payer..a small fortune.

Instead, he has been locked away until some idiotic court - clearly influenced by Europe (oh dear) - decided he should be released.

Apparently the British Government want to kick him out to some Arab place to stand trial for terrorism but the courts have said 'NO' as they believe he would be tortured.


I've often wondered over the last decade or so whether 'the law' can even comprehend what the term 'common sense' means anymore....

When you have such a silly name - not to mention beard -  then, frankly, you deserve all you get - unless the British courts stick their oar in - then, it appears, you don't get what you deserve.

I think I may change my name by deed poll to Mohammed Ali Akbar and shoot several hundred politicians....I'd get away with it according to the European courts...I wonder if that would work?...;-)

Let's be careful out there...


  1. Yup, toss them in prison and feed them, now get your ass back to work to help pay for it cuz the money isn't coming out of the queens purse for that.

  2. I may well not be 'the fruit of your loins' Billy old bean....but I would be well proud if I was.

    There are so few peeps in the world who say what they damn well think and 'be damned'.

    You are my adopted dad mate....oh dear..;-)

  3. You ain't shooting anyone, you ain't got no gun, hahahaha.

    But collect a bunch of books of matches and I'll send you directions on how to make one. :-)