Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fuck The Internet and...Mainly...Fuck Facebook

The chap who created Facebook has had a movie made about him..I haven't seen it, can't remember it's name (The Social Network?) and, frankly, can't wait to read the wankers obituary.

I have no problem at all with the wanker creating Facebook. Neither do I have any issue about him becoming a millionaire...or billionare or whatever.

My problem is this.

My Facebook account has been hacked into twice. The first time I managed to sort it out, close it down, and start again. I did so with the help of various pals. No help what so ever was forthcoming from Facebook - mainly cause it's fucking impossible to contact anyone or talk to anyone.

Now it's happened again.


If I could actually speak to a human being regarding employee of Facebook who could offer advice etc then fine. If I could actually get ANY help at all from Facebook that was relevent then all fine and dandy.

But I can't.

My account is hacked, I can't get into it and there is no way in a million years that Facebook are going to help purely because you can't find an e-mail address or a phone number to ring.

I'd even settle, reluctantly, for a call centre in Bombay if I could at least TALK to someone.

Facebook?...You are shite and I quit.

My account doesn' account may send obsecene messages or advertisements or God knows what all over the shop....I don't care.

I quit.

And if I read the obituary of the young arsehole who created it I will smile.

He should have made sure we could get help simply and easily.

He didn't.

He's a tosser and I hope he falls off a high balcony.

So there yer go.



  1. In the first place anywhere you are on the web you need stronger passwords than we used to need because there's so many fucking assholes out there.

    My blogger account was hacked into recently by a fucking bitch I've had a running battle for a few years, at least I'm pretty sure she was the hacker. But it wasn't too hard for me to get my blog back in my control.

    As for Facefuck, I've never considered signing up there, they are too fucking picky and will out you if you post pictures they consider porn or if you say fuck too much to their liking.

    Maybe they are some warped christians, I don't know, all I know is, fuck Facefuck.

  2. Facefuck has shut down women's sites just because they posted pictures of them breast feeding their babies while talking about mommy things.

  3. "Facebook" is the singular form, based on the Latin plural "Faecesbook" ;-)

  4. I see that Toxic Drums posted about you, I didn't comment there because he is using word verification and I'm not fucking dealing with word verification anymore since blogger made it so hard to make out the words.

  5. Are you kidding? Facebook is free, so why do you expect technical support? Did they promise you this or what?


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