Monday, 27 February 2012

The Land Of Make Believe

The British Goverment donates billions of pounds to India which spends billions of pounds on its own nuclear and space programme whilst British people suffer 'austerity measures' due to a recession. The excuse that Britain is thus ensured lucrative trade with India is somewhat tarnished when India award a huge contract for military aircraft to Germany rather than Britain....oops

The British Courts release a self confessed Islamist Al Qaida supporter onto our streets whilst extraditing a 65 year old English man to America to be tried for a crime he almost certainly didn't know he was commiting always assuming he did in the first place.

The British Government refuses to allow the British people any say what so ever over hugely important issues such as continued membership of the increasingly hated EU or the gradual devolution of Scotland etc and the possible break up of the United Kingdom.

The British Government continues to allow its troops to be killed in Afghanistan and Iraq in support of the so called 'Arab Spring' despite increasing clear evidence that the 'Arab Spring' is being primarily controlled by extreme Islamists whose sole intent is to rid the planet of 'infidels'

The British Legal System insists on a child of 7 years old being branded a racist after he asked a school friend 'Are you brown because you come from Africa?' - and there are several hundred young children in this bizarre situation. Apparently their parents have to sign a form acknowledging their child is now formally a racist.

The British Helath and Safety Laws are applied so rigorously that a man drowns in 3 feet of water after suffering an epilectic fit and the emergency services decline to wade into 3 feet of water to save him as none of their number are formally trained to do so - a young copper who volunteers to go is ordered not to as he isn't qualified to wade into 3 feet of water.

I could go on but this is a 'sober' post and much more of this would drive me to drink.....

I clearly misunderstand the true meaning of democracy. No doubt several officers of the law will bash my door down in the middle of the night to drag me away to an undisclosed place for re-educating.

We really need to be careful out there....


  1. I clearly misunderstand the true meaning of democracy.

    Democracy as structured is bullshit. It's just a ploy by the rich and powerful to allow you to think you have more say in things when they have no intention of allowing that, anymore than they have to anyway.

    Hey, do you have nukes? If you're going to help India have them you should also have some of your own to protect yourselves from them when they turn on you.

    Oh hell, you don't even have guns, your leaders are too busy selling them to India and don't want you owning them for fear you'll take your country back.

  2. Oh, I think the British know darn well what happens when the natives in India turn on them. Heh. Actually, not "heh" - it was very very unpleasant, for both sides.

    I've stopped listening to the news and to talk radio for a bit. You might wanna do that too, Dinners. Sometimes you need a break from the insanity to restore your own before venturing back into the insanity. Besides, it will give you a chance to Peek-A-Boo some more guiness bottles.

  3. are far wiser than you know mate...

    Mousey - The only reason India is in a position to run it's own space programme and nuclear programme is because of the old British Empire....oh dear...we really really fucked up there didn't we?..

  4. Good posting 4- D and Good Morning from the Ranch. And this is also good for thought, because alot of folk's question, yet it's unpopular to question, or if you do ... your labeled as a Nazi, by a bunch of folk's that dont know jack shit about National Socialism at that, pandering asskissing frightened liberated mind's, who would take it up the ass by instruction for a paycut. I still think America has ya'll beat big time when it come's to this ridiculous asskissing of countries who basically play us for what they can get out of us. It sickened me, seeing our troop's cut on benefit's, while USA announces we will give $7 billion to Pakistan to show our friendship, understanding or other nonsensical shit. Because they have "nuke's"??!! I dont give a rat's ass, I would tell them the reality ... "You can talk all the shit you want ... but if you attempt to strike at any time in any fashion using force, we will come back with 10X times the power and return fire!" that's how you deal with that.

    As far as this austerity shit, they want us all to be what we alwayz whine for like idiot's ... equal, and without a pot to piss in, so desperate, that we would take it up our asses for a pat on the back and societal pop culture approval. The problemo now in 21st century is these neo conservative corporate dictator's, and our lack of decent leadership. "Decent" meaning, strength and integrity. Long story Guy ....

    Anywayz have a good un 4-D

  5. I will Ranchy...does anyone else know how sensible you are?...;-)...if not...poor bastards..;-)

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