Friday, 3 February 2012


Plod and the Tax Man are after Harry Redknapp.

This only enhances and confirms my long held suspicions that we haven't lived in a democracy for yonks. (That means a loooong time for those unused to certain English dialects)

Harry is very wealthy. No argument there. As such he is, perhaps, no longer part of the 'common man' - am I allowed to say 'common man' anymore?....perhaps it should be 'common person' but when did I give a fuck for political correctness?

Some bus driver in Brighton is in trouble for calling a female passenger 'babe' for fucks sake.....if I'm a dinosaur then, frankly, I'm glad I am. The 'bird' who complained at being called 'babe' really needs to get a life in a big way.....

'Real Ale' is a BIG THING in various pubs...well it is if you're a 'real ale' drinker anyroad. Personally I'm not. I prefer lager.....Kronenberg, Stella Artois et al.....

Never the less I admire those who support 'real ale' as 'real ale' is a tradition, particularly of England.

There is a 'real ale' by the name of 'TOP TOTTY'.

This particular 'real ale' has a badge of a good looking young lady in a bikini....not the dog in the pic by the way....this is MP Kate Green's ugly mush there a jealous side to her objections?....NEVER!!!

This particular 'real ale' is now banned from the House Of Commons because some stupid bint...aka..brainless woman....aka humourless bitch...aka frigid sow...aka politician objected to the badge and name as 'demeaning to women'.

A worryingly significantly large number of people in this divvy cows hometown elected her to Parliament.

Her name is Kate Green...I have no idea which area she represents and I'd rather not know frankly.

Kate Green is clearly a numpty of the highest order. She's also not particularly attractive by any stretch of the imagination....

...more worryingly...she's been democratically elected to represent some place in Britain.

If there was ever a more clear indicator that democracy has died then please let me know... careful what you order to drink out there eh?...The thought police are moving in...


  1. Over here you can get an ale called Bitter Bitch, you should order some for Kate?

  2. When is Harry's verdict due?

  3. I've never watched a fucking football game on TV and I'm not starting now. All the stupid amounts of money and damage to the planet beside the point, I just think it's a stupid fucking game.

    On the bright side, lots of sun here today.

  4. I havent been able to comment on this blog for sometime now, trying to comment on other posting's, so I reckon it's fixed(?) Thanx for the local UK view.

  5. I'm quite glad of the odd 'babe ' now and then.


    8/2/12 20:00 MEZ
    Tottenham Hotspur boss Harry Redknapp is found not guilty of all charges in his tax evasion trial.