Monday, 2 January 2012

Jingle Bombs

Well...there we have it...another year over...another Chrissie gone...pretty peaceful and enjoyable time too - unless you happened to be in a church in Nigeria and on the receiving end of the Islamists....

Never mind...we're could never happen over here could it?

Had a cracker myself - hope you did too.

House all decked out with a wonky tree.....either the tree was leaning or I was...probably me...

Radio and TV is full of advertisements for giving your hard earned to some kids in Africa or wherever so they don't shuffle off cause their Dictator or dodgy government won't pay up to save them....sorry kids...if your own kind won't help you're screwed...buggered if I will...Bah Humbug eh?

Only Christmas spirit worth it is vodka...;-)

Courtesy of the Senior and Junior Management my Doctor Who Box Sets is now complete with both Matt Smith's series so I feel a 'Doctor Who Day' coming on....Rise at 10...slob in the arm chair watching every episode from Christopher Ecclestone's supurb one series outing through David Tennants extraordinary time and, I've finally got Tennant out of my system and started appreciating matt Smith's efforts.

A day of Doctor Who supplemented with bacon sandwiches and vodka......can't wait!!!

Jax aka The Junior Management was home for most of Chrissie - went out with 'the girls' one night but spent the rest either here or in Essex with Max. It was soooooo good to have her home!!!

Caz aka The Senior Management continued to decline making a personal appearance on DILLIGAF II - wise lady that she is.....I did, however, manage to coax her down The 5 Bells in Harmondsworth for New Years Eve and she admitted she bloody well enjoyed herself!!!

Jax headed off in the general direction of Trafalgar Square for New Years Eve - hope she wore a wasn't THAT bloody warm!!!...;-)

New Years Resolutions?

Carry on carrying on mainly. Say what I mean and mean what I say.

I think I may have startled a few SFRadio peeps during my January 2nd 2011 Review Show when they saw my BNP link on this blog. Tried to explain I'm not actually a racist I'm just a worried Englishman.....I suspect some are too left wing liberal to comprehend the danger this country is really in. Maybe not today or tomorrow but soon enough.

Never mind. I've often found that I can accept views I disagree with far more readily than left wing liberals can.

Odd really. You'd think left wing liberals would have an open mind. It appears not. You are understandably worried about the colonisation of your country by alien cultures therefore you're clearly a fascist nazi racist colour prejudiced islamophobe...not necessarily in that order..;-)

Strikes me most of them haven't got a mind capable of considering alternative viewpoints. Left wing liberals almost invariably seem to suffer from what I call 'Ostrich Syndrome'.......

Well...Tally-Ho!!! Bring on 2012 and be careful out there won't you!!!

4D x

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  1. I don't do christmas, it's stupid in all its forms. Helen doesn't either, and many of my other friends.

    Anyway, one problem in your country is letting others into it, and they will breed like rabbits and in time over populate the place, at that period in time you will be screwed.

    Sooooo, better enjoy yourself while you can, and be careful out there.

  2. Happy 2012 chairman... glad it was a good one. Ours was the usual and was ok. Family stuff

  3. I hope 2012 brings good health and happiness to the three of you.

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  5. @ Night Club Guest list...

    What can I say?

    Oh...yeah...that's it...

    Fuck off bitch....

    Knew it'd come to me...