Saturday, 14 January 2012

Is It Wrong?.......Is It?????

"Build a bonfire...
build a bonfire....
put politicians on the top....
put the muzzies in the middle...
and we'll burn the fucking lot"

Why is it so wrong to want YOUR country to be YOUR country? Why is it so politically incorrect to want this?

My Asian neighbours agree with me. My black friends agree with me - I happen to know this because I've asked them....

Come to that, my pal Mohammed Noor agrees with me...and, given he's called Mohammed it isn't rocket science to establish that he is muslim is it?

Now I'm not an aggessive friends know they can express THEIR opinions to me without fear of retribution because their opinions may differ to mine.


This is NOT another country somewhere else in the world. THIS IS ENGLAND.

I AM (by the natural course of ENGLISH.

My pal Mo Noor took a driving lesson with me today. As we drove through Hayes Town I happened to say to him 'Peek-a-boo warning!!!' which I tend to say to all my students when we pass one of those ridiculous veiled creatures who seem to have taken a wrong turn at Islamabad and ended up here instead of Iran...

He cracked up.

He knows.

He knows he's my pal and I would never ever ever do anything to hurt him...or indeed his wife and child who have recently joined him from Kenya...his 18 month old daughter is absolutely beautiful by the way...and she gurgled and grinned at me as she sat in my lap the other night....she also crapped her nappy but that's babies for you eh?..;-)

He also knows I won't take shit from anyone or anywhere.

A Gold Card carrying member of the BNP with a pal who is a Kenyan muslim.

Chew on that left wing liberal elite.

I don't hate muslims like Mo Noor and his family...or the Mahmoods who have lived three doors down for longer than I've lived here....

I hate immigrants who don't appreciate...and respect...MY country.

...and there's far too many who fit right into THAT catregory.

Assimilate to England or suffer the consequences of thinking people like me...English people...will live with it...put up with it.

We won't.

You want to stay here and stay safe.....learn from Mo Noor and the Mahmoods. They appreciate the better life they've made over here and recognise that Islamabad isn't down the road from London or Manchester or Birmingham.

That's what we need my muslim friends.

...and that's what we'll, ultimately, get.....if you want to stay here and stay safe.

Even the English can say 'ENOUGH'...and you really don't want that to happen....

Trust me...I'm from Oldham...

Laters...and let's be careful out there...


  1. You'll rant and fuss but in the end they'll stay.

  2. You are priceless. What more can I say? What you are objecting to (it seems) is any prat in any uniform dictating to decent people and trying to intimidate them for some bizarre reason. The Islam'r'Bad brigade are no better than the Nazis - just more stupid and deceitful. Personally I am not too keen on England but then I'm not too keen on planet Earth either at the moment. May this country and this planet give birth to more people like you (metaphorically speaking-ish as a wishy-washy liberal fascist cunt tree bumpkin from town). Oh God I really am going mental. Hmm - maybe that's not so bad.

  3. Toxic Drums would like DEADWOOD.